Proposed Bylaw Amendments

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Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Bill_BenzIf you have dug through the GGR Website you may have run into the GGR corporate Bylaws.  (They are lurking right under the heading “The Club”.) These Bylaws are the rules that govern how GGR operates as a corporation.

GGR’s Bylaws describe the mechanism for amending the Bylaws by presenting the desired amendments to the membership for approval or rejection as part of the end-of-the- year annual election.

This article is a heads up to the membership that the Board expects to offer an amendment to the Bylaws in this year’s election

One subject that all bylaws typically address is “Directors” – who can be a Director, how they are elected, how long they serve, and what their responsibilities are.

If you checked out GGR’s Bylaws you’d see that Articles VI  and VII have lots to  say on the subject of Directors.  They call for 10 Directors – 4  are the corporate officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) and 6 are the chairs of GGR’s 6 most important standing committees,  (Autocross Chair, Track Chair, Membership Chair, Social Chair, NUGGET Editor and Webmaster).

At Article VI, Section 3 the Bylaws  recites that  “No Director shall be eligible to serve more than 2 consecutive terms in the same office.” This is a great rule for the corporate officer Directors as it assures new blood and new leadership for GGR on a regular basis. The committee  chair Directors bring  special skills and special commitments to their areas.  Barring them from seeking re-election after 2 terms could pose operational problems.   The Bylaw amendments now being proposed by the Board are designed to differentiate between the officer  directors (who will be subject to the two term limit) and committee chair  directors who will not be subject to this 2 term limit.  Keep in mind that GGR’s election process does give the membership the right to vote against any director candidates and to nominate additional candidates to run for any director seats.

The wordings for of this amendment as well as a few wording  consistency amendments are as follows:

Article VI, Section 2 after “…Board.” Insert “The ten (10)  Directors shall include the four (4) corporate officers ( President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary); and the following six (6) standing committee chairpersons (Autocross Chair, Track Chair, Membership Chair, Social Chair, Nugget Editor and Webmaster.”

Article VI,  Section 3, last sentence after “No” add “corporate officer”.

Article VII  caption, change “Director’s”  to “Directors’ “.

Article VII  caption, insert  “Chair” after “Membership” and put parentheses around “Director”.

Article VII  “Social” caption,  insert  “Chair”  after “Social” and put parentheses around “Director”.

Article VII  “Nugget Editor” caption,  after “Editor” insert   “(Director)”.

Article VII “Webmaster” caption at end insert ” (Director)” .

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