Proposal to Change Competition Rules For DE

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Proposal to Change Competition Rules For DE

Over the past few years PCA GGR has eliminated the Time Trial Series and instead concentrated on HPDE (High Performance Driver’s Education). As newer cars are acquired by our members, and as timing equipment like Harry’s lap timer becomes more prevalent, there is less demand for the Time trial series.  As a result, the Competition Rules and classifications have become more and more oriented to Autocross rather than to DE.

The following are three proposals for competition rules changes for 2018.

  1. All reference to DE and TT be removed from the Competition Rules and 2 rule books be established. One for DE and the other for AX.
  2. The PCA Driver Education Minimum Standards be adopted as the basis for PCA Golden Gate Region rules. These can be viewed at:
  3. Porsche Macan and Porsche Cayenne be permitted to participate in PCA-GGR DE Events.

Your comments on these proposals would be welcome.

Richard French
PCA-GGR Track Chair

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