President’s Message – June 2015

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President’s Message – June 2015

Looking for Board Members

Later this year we’ll be holding an election of several board positions. Positions opening up include Secretary, Webmaster and Treasurer. Instead of the same names rotating seats, the GGR board would like to encourage members that may be interested in participating at a board level to come and join us at an upcoming board meeting and  consider becoming a candidate for one of the vacating board positions.  For Webmaster and Treasurer, appropriate experience is required.  Our website is built in WordPress and we are active in social media sites. Our books are maintained in Quickbooks.

If you’re interested in volunteering and would like to attend a board meeting, please send me an email.

GGR News from Parade

The Golden Gate Region was runner-up for the region of the year. We were considered for this prestigious honor for all of the activities we did last year including: building and launching a new website and integrated newsletter (Nugget), our charitable givings program, successful autocross, track, fun run, concours, boxster brunch, friday night socials and member mixers. We were also second in the growth of new members and retention of existing numbers. Our volunteers were instrumental, not only in our own events but in national events conducted in zone 7, like Parade and Werks.

I’ll provide a full report on individual winners at parade next month.

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