Porsche in the Age of Virus!

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Porsche in the Age of Virus!

From the Bunker!

Well, we’re still “hunkered in the bunker” and faring well. We older folks are somewhat at the mercy of this damned virus. It’s scary to get out there and rub shoulders when all the media hype says you’re right in the bullseye of the bug.

OK, I’m in great shape with no underlying complications, but many my age are not. I’ve found that the kindness of family, neighbors and friends has been astounding. With their assistance as well as the new-found abilities of the food stores, restaurants and pharmacies to set up deliveries at any time has been extraordinary. God bless you and all who have been assisting in one way or another

A second shout out to those amazing apps such as FaceTime and Zoom that have allowed us to stay in contact with the whole circus! GGR is even going to Zoom soon! If you haven’t got the app, get it…it’s free and works like a charm. We’re actually having neighborhood cocktail parties via Zoom! Friday was a rum tasting party…still feeling it.

Battery Maintainers

Of course, with limited or no travel, the “babies” (911GTS and Macan) are on their “tricklers.” No, that’s not a friend of The Joker, that’s what’s keeping der Porsches in the ready position! Some of my friends have done a few fun runs on their own…keeping an appropriate distance of course. That’s always a good way to keep the cars in a semblance of tune.

I do use the tricklers (OK, battery maintainers) since as you know, even when the cars are turned off, there are unique electronic systems that continue to run…alarm system, clock, starters, and a few others. Modern cars keep themselves in the “start position” pending your arrival. So, keep them charged if you’re not driving them. I needed an extra maintainer and Amazon responded within days! Don’t just use a charger, you need a maintainer.

A battery maintainer can sense how much of a charge the battery needs, so it slowly sends a trickle charge to it over a period of several hours. It stops sending a charge once the battery is full. The result is that a battery maintainer won’t overcharge the battery like a charger might, which can help extend the life of the battery overall. will simply stop once the battery is full. This way, you can be sure your battery will be fully charged and ready to start the car even after spending weeks in isolation!

One additional thing that I’ve had to do, and I recommend it if the car is outdoors, wash the car! Keep the car as clean as you can especially with all the pollen blowing around. After a week or so, there seems to be a caking of dust and pollen which is exacerbated by the morning dew. Keep ‘em clean if you can.

How’s the Membership?

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We’ve continued to see good movement in the GGR ranks with a normal amount of addition and attrition and I thank you for that. Here are the current numbers.

Current Membership

2410 Members

1161 Co-members

3 – Lifetime Members

Total – 3574

Let’s say Hi to our new members in March and April!

Adrian Amler 2006 911 Carrera Arctic Silver Metallic
Saam Barati 2008 911 Carrera S Black
Richard Bradshaw 1976 914 2.0 Yellow
Joe Calder 2005 Cayenne S Grey
Michael Carion 2008 911 Turbo Black
Kelly Foster 1999 911 Carrera Guards Red
Richard Golden 2002 911 Carrera Silver
Todd Herskovitz 1997 911 Carrera Arctic silver
Peter Hopelain 1999 Boxster Black
John Kim 2019 911 GT3 RS White
Fabrice Kurmann 2005 Boxster S Seal Gray Metallic
Ingrid Lang 1957 356
Sheldon Lee 1997 911 Carrera 4S Metallic Black
David Lew 2017 Macan S
Brendan Lim 2017 911 Carrera
Dean Moses 2008 911 Carrera S Cabriolet Midnight Blue
Guy Overfelt 1988 911 Carrera
Tommy Scampoli 2010 911 Carrera S
Rohan Thakur 2004 911 Carrera Sand/Gold
Zhaoyang Wang 2016 911 GT3
Keith Zaky 1972 911S Silver
Paul Zumwalt 2017 Macan GTS White

OK, if you’re running short of t-shirts to wear at home, you might want to buy some GGR swag from the PCA website. GGR has its own clothing line that features a great selection of GGR-logo’d men and women’s clothing in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. The GGR Webstore is located on the PCA website at http://pca-ggr.org/store.

Enter the Spring 2020 Member Only Raffle for a chance to win a Porsche Taycan 4S

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Also, it you’re hankering for a new Taycan 4S but having trouble scraping up the $130K or so, then I have an offer you can’t refuse. Each fall and spring, PCA opens a member only raffle, in which you, the member, may purchase entries for a chance to win a brand-new Porsche. For the Spring 2020 Member Only Raffle, the grand prize is a Porsche Taycan 4S plus $25,000. Alternatively, winners may also choose $85,000 instead of a car plus $25,000. After the initial 8,500 entries, another Grand Prize will be added for every additional 4,500 entries sold. Raffle entries are $50 (USD) each. The raffle closes June 5, 2020. Go to www.PCA.org to enter.

Support Your Neighborhood

Finally, I’ll leave you with this one request…support the small merchants and businesses in your neighborhood. Keep them viable so that when we get out of this thing, they’ll be there for you as you were for them. It’s only right.

Cheers, and stay well, wash your hands and use your masks.

Capt. Mike

GGR Membership Director

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