Porsche Adds Active Infant Suspension Management (PAISM)

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Porsche Adds Active Infant Suspension Management (PAISM)

On one of their rare days of sobriety, our intrepid Nugget Investigative Staff spotted this prototype of Porsche’s new Active Infant Suspension Management (PAISM) system cleverly concealed in an older 911 test mule. After many schnapps with the PAG staff on hand, we learned that the system involves installing a trained infant in the front trunk to throw his or her weight back and forth as needed in hard cornering to maintain grip. This option is rumored to be very expensive because the infant will need to be replaced every 12-18 months as it grows, adding possibly $50,000 to the price of a new car to get it through the warranty period (at which point infant replacement will be at the owner’s cost).

You heard it first from The Nugget!



Thanks to GGR member Rick Zobelein for helping with the investigative reporting on this one.

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