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Poetry in Motion

After our epic trip to the beautiful coast of Mendocino and the surrounding wine region, I set out to write the blog for this month and then out of the blue I get an email. One of the participants in this unforgettable motoring event, wrote this piece about his experience during the trip that I thought was a perfect summation of our exhilarating experience. It goes something like this:

The Democratic World of Porsche – PCA.  Last weekend, my 1981 Porsche 911 SC had the opportunity to mingle with many others.  It was an opportunity for my SC to mingle with Turbos, Carreras, GTS’, C4’s, Boxters and Caymans.  There was very little snobbery or outdoing.  Just a simple family get together.  When our cars decided to play, it was as though they have been together often.  Like the San Francisco Ballet, gracefully carving left and right through the curves of the coastlines and through the redwoods.  I had the luxury of a front row seat.  Not a sound could be heard from the audience except the sound of a roaring engine with intermittent changes in tone from occasional shifting.  Imagine the opportunity of sitting snuggly in my car seat and listening to something resembling Wagner coming from my engine and watching a ballet in front of me.  SC felt very welcome from his family of Porsches.  A fun drive is where a Porsche wants to be.  Any other version on the street is like considering work from a cubbyhole and filing papers.  If anyone has not been on a touring drive, you are missing out!  Porsche club members are fantastic.  The organizers are fantastic!  Every detail has been thought out.  Thank you.  NH

Happy Motoring

Robert H.
Motoring Director

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