October 2020 Autocross Report

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October 2020 Autocross Report

This year continues to bring surprises to the autocross enthusiasts. Just when we got comfortable with the loss of Alameda site and compliance with social distancing protocol, August 29 event threw another googly ball (as they say in cricket) at us. Raging fires around the area ended up displacing some domestic animals. Cow Palace site was chosen as a sheltering place for these animals, leading to cancellation of that event. 

As we continue to treat Cow Palace as our home for autocrossing events, the subject of noise pollution does come to mind. Long term sustainability of our program is dependent on us being Good Neighbors and continue practicing safety and order in the neighborhood. A consortium of four autocross clubs is working Cow Palace to define Good Neighbor guidelines and metrics. Our primary focus is the noise generated from our events. Starting with our October 4 event, we will monitor sound levels and may ask participants to reduce their car noise if it is deemed high.

With the season coming close to an end, we look forward to the next year. Site selection will remain a challenge for next year. We will continue to explore our long-term relationship with Cow Palace while keeping Crows Landing as an option for alternate site.

Most of us love our car numbers as much as we love our cars. Our car numbers list has grown over time, requiring housekeeping at the end of the year. Starting next year, we will retire dormant numbers and provide ability for active drivers to inherit available numbers. We will continue to observe a policy of retiring dormant numbers annually that are not used for two or more years. We are standardizing car numbers in a three-digit format for sake of consistency. One digit and two-digit numbers will be available and will be reserved for long time active members.

Our car classification system has served the club well for a very long time and we are grateful to the volunteers for establishing the program that has been an envy of our peers. Unfortunately, the web platform used to develop this program is at a risk of obsolescence. Per our regulations, a small committee will be formed to explore possible update or refresh to our car classification system for sustainability and improvements.

Please mark your calendar with the following dates for our next events:

October 24, 2020Cow Palace (Zone 7 event)
November 15, 2020Crows Landing

Himanshu Patel

On behalf of the Autocross Team

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