October 2018 Autocross Report

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October 2018 Autocross Report

October 2018 Autocross Report

Another gorgeous day at Alameda!

The 6thAutocrossof the Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series was held on Sunday August 5 at Marina Municipal Airport and was attended by 76 drivers. We reused the course from the previous day (by LPR), but ran it in reverse. Best times ran in the 42-57 second range, with Andrew taking TTOD with a time of 42.191, followed closely by 3 GT3 drivers. This was last Marina event of 2018 for us.

During this event, we also fully transitioned to our new timing gear, utilizing Farmtek Hardware and Pronto Software. A big thanks to Himanshu and Kevin for making this happen. You will also notice that the format of the results differs slightly on the results page: http://pca-ggr.org/autocross/results/Note that if you download the Excel formatted page the results are now contained on separate tabs.

Our 7thAutocrosstook place on Saturday September  8, back at our home course at Alameda Point with 90 drivers in attendance.  Best times ranged in the 35-58 seconds, which made it a shorter course for Alameda. The first half of the course was more technical, while the second half was definitely faster.  TTOD was again by Andrew with a time of 35.713 in his 914 race car, followed by Ed and Tom (driving 914’s). Teddy in 4thDriving a Cayman GTS just a 1/10thof  second behind, then Greg in a 2018 GT3.

Just prior to this event, the club purchased a cellular hotspot to use with our new timing system and with the assistance of our able timing crew and intrepid Webmaster we were able to deliver live resultson-site for the first time ever with the new system!

The live timing URL for this is currently http://pca-ggr.org/axtiming/and is accessable by anyone with an internet connected device such as a phone (no more reconfiguring to a local Wi-Fi router) in real time.  Another reason why those of you holding on to your flip phones should upgrade.

Now that live results are available, any issues you have with your times or cone counts should be surfaced on-site so final results can immediately be published after the event.

The 8thAutocross of the season will take place on October 27 at NASA Crows landing. Interestingly, when this airfield was decommisioned in 1946, it was officially designated an OLF (outlying field) to both Alameda Naval Airstation, our home autocross site and later Mofett Field. This field is so large that it’s easily visible from space (or Google Earth) and consists of 2 large runways, one 7000×200 ft and the other 8000×200 ft. We are still deciding what to do with all that space! Since it will be GGR’s 1stevent there, we will likely borrow from other successful courses designed by other groups.

From San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland plan a 90 minute drive, From Pleasanton 60 minutes

I’d very much like to receive your feedback on how much you enjoy running at this site as we continue to evaluate other site options as Alameda continues to be developed. It does get hot at this site in mid-summer, so the best option may be to run here in the Spring and Fall.

Autocross #9 is slated for Nov 17, back at Alameda and will be the final autocross of the 2018

2019 Autocross datesare currently being coordinated with Alameda and Marina. Stay tuned.

Full results for the autocross season to-date are available here: http://pca-ggr.org/autocross/results/

Zone 7 results are posted here: http://zone7.pca.org/.

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