October 11, 2020 Board of Directors

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October 11, 2020 Board of Directors

PCA-GGR Board Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2020

Present: John Celona, Canyon Chan, Serena Cheng, Brian Emmett, Chris Hamilton,  Himanshu Patel, Michael Sherman, Howard Yao.

Call to Order: 

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 pm. 

Call for agenda changes: 


Call for calendar changes: 


Call for budget changes:


Past Events

There was a Zone 7 autocross on October 4th at Cow Palace, the event was sold out and successful. Porsche Redwood City brought out a Taycan Turbo to the event and provided fun runs during lunch time.

Directors’ Reports


The Nominating Committee has previously met and have nominated the following candidates:

  • Vice President – no candidate yet, please email the Board if you have a candidate.
  • Treasurer – Canyon Chan
  • Membership – Michael Sherman
  • Social – Ekaterina Efremova
  • Nugget Editor – John Celona
  • Autocross Chair – Himanshu Patel

These candidates were unanimously approved.

John moved that we form a working group to look at the Track Series for 2021, the working group would consist of:

  • Michael Sherman
  • Howard Yao
  • Ed Hunter
  • Jim McClelland
  • Tim Smith
  • Andrew Forrest
  • John Celona

The purpose of the working group is to evaluate the track series and make recommendations to the Board at the November meeting. The formation of the working group was approved unanimously.

There was discussion of having the annual Volunteer Day dinner, but will have to see if it is possible, depending on the pandemic.


All Certificates of Insurance have been ordered for the remaining club events. Brian will issue the Budget vs. Actual report before the next Board meeting.  


A motion to approve Howard’s Board Meeting Minutes from September 13 and the Special Board Meeting on October 4 was carried without dissent.  


With the Club Race revenue that was recently received, the Track Series should break even this year. Canyon has issued updated financial reports, the Board approved them unanimously.

Membership Director:  

As of the time of this meeting, PCA GGR had 3510 members. Since the previous meeting, the Club welcomed 32 new members. A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.

Autocross Director:

Next Autocross event is scheduled for 10/24 at Cow Palace, another Zone event with GGR/LPR. Himanshu is trying to get one more autocross date in November. With a minimum of 5 events this year, participants will be eligible for awards this season.

A new AX car classification system is under discussion, with the goal of reducing the number of classes and increasing the number of competitors in each class.

Next year, there is a plan to look at assigned car numbers and make some of the unused numbers available for new drivers.

Motoring Director:

This position is open, if you are interested in taking on this role, please contact any of the Board members for more information.

Track Director:

Jim was at the Club Race at Sonoma, so was not able to attend, but issued a report prior to the meeting.

Social Director:

Serena has decided to finish her term at the end of this year, so she can focus on her Ph.D dissertation, developing a transdisciplinary education framework focused on business and technology education. The entire Board thanks Serena for her past service and wishes her the best in the future!


Chris shared a Google doc link that shows the order of operations and the timeline to launch the redesigned website.

Topics for discussion

No new business.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:15 pm.

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