November, 2020 Autocross Report

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November, 2020 Autocross Report

October was busy for Autocrossers with our fourth autocross event on October 4th and fifth on October 24th. We shared both weekends with our sister region – LPR. All four events – two GGR and two LPR, were part of Zone 7 events. For those not familiar with a Zone 7 events, I encourage you to learn more about it at Zone 7 events provide participants opportunities to compete with fellow enthusiasts from other regions within Zone 7.

Thanks to all the participants for adhering to Covid compliance standards and keeping the events safe and fun for all.

Here is a snapshot of results for both events:

October 4

Raw Times PAX Times
Rank Best Time Driver Class
1 37.505 Monty Pack AX02
2 38.126 Teddy Framhein AX07
3 38.383 Dave Dunwoodie AX03
4 38.603 Ed Hunter AX04
5 38.676 Drew Powers AX07
PAX Rank PAX Time Driver Class
1 36.982 Teddy Framhein AX07
2 37.442 Brant Ballantyne AX12
3 37.505 Monty Pack AX02
4 37.516 Drew Powers AX07
5 37.716 Andrew Blyholder AX16

October 24

Raw Times PAX Times
Rank Best Time Driver Class
1 28.647 Monty Pack AX02
2 29.212 Teddy Framhein AX07
3 29.624 Steve Lau AX02
4 29.744 Praneil Prasad FUN
5 30.270 Tara Shapowal AX02
PAX Rank PAX Time Driver Class
1 28.336 Teddy Framhein AX07
2 28.647 Monty Pack AX02
3 28.666 Brant Ballantyne AX12
4 29.497 Andrew Blyholder AX16
5 29.624 Steve Lau AX02

We will run a total of six events this year. Top five points will be used to compute the class and PAX rankings for all participants. You are encouraged to review your current standing at Participants are required to satisfy following requirements to be eligible for awards:

  • Be a PCA member in good standing
  • Have attended four or more events

Please mark your calendar for our last event. Venue has changed from Crows Landing to Cow Palace:

November 15, 2020 Cow Palace

Himanshu Patel

On behalf of the Autocross Team

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