November, 2018 Social/Motoring Report

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November, 2018 Social/Motoring Report

Thanks for the memories

–by Michael Griffin

Another FunRun season came to a happy end in October with the 3-day Santa Barbara and one-day Carmel Valley events. These FunRuns bring our total for the year to eleven, and for that to have happened, I can only thank our team of very dedicated volunteers. It takes a village of volunteers to get the job done, believe me. Operating a safe, organized FunRun requires motivated people to do the doing, and there is more to it than you might imagine.

For next season, we’ll have a new Motoring Director to lead these cherished volunteers in executing GGR’s FunRuns, as Bern and I are now passing the torch, as they say. Seven years came and went quickly for us, and we’ve had a lot of fun getting to know drivers and passengers we never would have met otherwise. But now it’s time for a new team to run the show.

Back in the fall of 2012, wife Grace and I led our first event, a drive into the Santa Cruz mountains and over to Davenport on the coast. Grace and I were amazed at the enthusiasm the event generated, as tours had never been a big part of GGR in recent past. With the encouragement of GGR’s then-president Richard French, we formed the Socialistas, led by Bern, Alice Yeh, Thorben Primke, Sukesh Mohan and others who joined the team in following months. This early group’s efforts allowed FunRuns to join Track days and Auto X as an active component of GGR activities.

From the beginning, each FunRun event was sold out in a matter of hours, so we kept trying to accommodate the pent-up demand by adding more FunRuns to our schedule. As time rolled on it became clear that the right amount of FunRuns was nearly once a month, and it took a lot more than just a handful of us to make the drives happen on such a repetitive basis. Eventually a Core Team of volunteers, including a few GGR board members, was recruited to plan and produce these crowd-pleasing excursions. And it is due to their enthusiastic efforts that we were able to continue offering these drives over the past seven years.

We are pleased that a new team, including current volunteers, will soon gather to plan the drives for 2019. If you would like to join this “in group” of do-ers, GGR President Brad Kellett would be pleased to hear from you. Meanwhile, Bern and I will be seen from time to time next year, joining the FunRuns as drivers on our favorite routes. And, I fervently hope to see you all out there, where we can all enjoy our P-cars together. Let the good times keep rolling…

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