November 2017 Zone 7 Report

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November 2017 Zone 7 Report

By Collin Fat, Zone 7 Representative

Sacramento Valley Region


As we approach the end of this very busy year a couple of things come to mind that happens each year. The first is upcoming elections for each region. This is something that goes to the core of PCA and that is to continue to get members to volunteer to serve on their regional boards or to take a leadership role and volunteer to lead an event or serve as a chairperson for a standing committee. Without new members stepping up at the regional level to take these roles and volunteer, each region could not deliver the variety or number of events which regional members have come to expect. Though many clubs will form a nominating committee to seek out volunteers, sometimes regions struggle with coming up with members willing to step up. I think it is the role of the board members not to just depend on an article in your local newsletter or a posting on your website to attract candidates. Nothing replaces approaching a potential candidate in person at a tour, monthly dinner or breakfast, or a regional autocross or DE event. It will surprise you when you about the response you might get from someone about running. Many times they might think they don’t have the experience or know how to run the club. Nothing could be further from the truth with a little training. The second thing that comes with the election of new board members is the PCA mandatory completion of the Region Report form that is available on the national website. This is one of the most important forms that either must be completed by the outgoing president or the incoming president. If the outgoing president fails to complete the form the consequences can be dire. One of the effects of not submitting it is that national will not issue a regional club their quarterly subsidy until it is completed. The other is that the incoming president may not be familiar with the process and not yet have all the required information needed to complete the form. If you are an outgoing president, please insure that you fill this form out before the end of your term and do some sort of transition with your successor so that he or she can get started in the new year running.

The Zone 7 Competition series for the Concours and Autocross series have finished up with the last autocross event in October hosted by Sacramento Valley Region at Thunderhill Raceway Park on October 5th. The track surface at the skid pad location is pristine and provides some 650,000 square feet of very usable area. The event had 44 competitors with several drivers jockeying for position for yearend awards. The final concours event was held in Carmel Valley at the Carmel Valley Community Park, just east of Monterey. It was hosted by the team at Monterey Bay Region that included club president Steve Taty, concours chair Dave Alioti, and his team of volunteers. Supporting their efforts from Zone 7 were John D’Angelo and Simone Kaptizky. The venue was just beautiful with an expansive area to position the cars on the lawn and the awards ceremony and buffet lunch held under a beautiful oak tree canopy.

Upcoming Events of Interest:

The Zone 7 Winter Presidents meeting and Zone 7 Awards Banquet will be held in Roseville, California this year for the first time. Roseville is a suburb of Sacramento located just 20 miles east. All Zone 7 presidents and vice presidents are encouraged to attend or to send a representative from their club. Attendance is up for the concours series with 113 different cars participating. This is up 16% over 2018. I know that John and his team had set a goal to reverse the trend of participation in concours and I congratulate him on making this happen. The autocross series has also seen a significant uptick in participation if the number of trophies being awarded is any preliminary indication of participation. Updates will be given from national staff regarding changes to PCA minimum standards for autocross and concour as well updates on Parade 2020 and Treffen 2020 to be held at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs in the spring and the Fall Treffen at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. The dates will be April 29-May 2, 2020 for the Colorado Springs event and September 16-19, 2020 for the West Virginia event. For more information on registration, go to Remember that past Treffens have sold out in as little as one hour due to their growing popularity!

Finally, Yosemite Region hosted their 60th Anniversary bash on October 27th at Ironstone Winery in Murphy California. I want, again, to extend my congratulations and wish them another successful 60 years to come!

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