Nominees for the 2019 GGR Board Election

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Nominees for the 2019 GGR Board Election

As mentioned in my last note, it’s fast becoming time for the GGR Board of Directors elections for 2019. The elections take place every October with alternating positions up for a vote (so we never have a full board rotation in one year), and newly elected board members start their term in January after a transition period between the vote and the new year.

I’m pleased to announce that the nomination committee has selected the following candidates for the ballot:

  • For President, John Celona
  • For Track Director, Jim McClelland for a second term
  • For Secretary, Brian Emmett for a second term

We are still looking for a candidate for our Webmaster position – if you can help with this, please get in touch! Webmaster is a very visible and rewarding position (and also oversees our social media presence).

As always, per our bylaws there will be means provided on the ballot for write-in votes.

On a personal note, while I am eligible to run for a second term as President, new personal commitments mean that I cannot give the time and energy needed to do the job that the position deserves. I have greatly enjoyed serving as President, but I will not be running for re-election.

Keep an eye out for the election ballot in your email inboxes soon, and join me in thanking our board volunteers and all of the volunteers that have made this year such a success for GGR.

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