Membership Survey Results Are In

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Membership Survey Results Are In

The first of what I hope will become regular GGR membership surveys is now closed, and I’d like to congratulate our three randomly selected prize winners: Dave M, John S, and Larry G. They’ll each be receiving a $50 gift certificate to the PCA Webstore soon!

While we’re still looking over all the fantastic feedback that you’ve given us and will continue to for a while yet, some early trends are emerging that I thought I would share with you. Firstly, you all seem pretty happy with the club overall – we appreciate that, but we hope you weren’t just protecting our feelings!

The very clear message from the survey is that you want more! More frequent events, more types of events, and more chances to enjoy your Porsches with fellow members. And we couldn’t agree more.

At our Fun Run planning meeting a few weeks back we already started discussing ways we could have more Fun Runs, like having less “orchestrated” days that are just simple drives on the twisties. Our full-blown runs remain one of our most popular events and the addition of overnight Fun Run adventures has only helped Fun Run popularity, but there seems to be a place for simple drives too. You’re all busy people and can’t always make the monthly run, so having more opportunities to attend will help fit the club into your lives.

There is also hunger shown in the survey for adding to our competitive event roster by bringing back Time Trials at DE days. As a track junkie and someone who spends far too much time in Harry’s Laptimer, I couldn’t agree more. And ever since some of our members enjoyed taking part in the Gimmick Rally at Porsche Parade last year, we’ve been working on how we can add that type of event to our calendar as well.

The other trend that we see in the survey is members having trouble knowing about upcoming events. For instance, it seems like many people aren’t familiar with our Friday Night Social event at Harry’s Hofbrau on the 3rd Friday of every month, or our bi-monthly Boxster Brunch at Alice’s Restaurant (where despite the name, any Porsche is welcome). Remember, you can check out our event calendar and follow these instructions to make sure you’re in the loop when we announce events.

The club is so lucky that so many of you took time out of your days to fill in the survey, and I’m looking forward to using that feedback to shape the club and give you more of what you want. It’s the membership that makes GGR what it is and the board and volunteers can’t wait to continue to evolve the club. If you’d ever like to share feedback, you can email the board or me personally. We’d love to hear from you.

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