Membership Report – June 2014

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Membership Report – June 2014


Capt. Mike Sherman Membership

GGR Regional Summary – April 2014

Primary Members 1648
Affiliate Members 1038
Life Members 7
Total Members 2693
New/Transferred Members Total: 56 including Affiliate/Family

PCA Website

If you haven’t seen the new website that PCA has launched, go take a look: Very nice and quite functional…when you do get there, remember that they require you input a new password…and yes, I got caught in that trap as well. The new website lets us at our local level manage and organize our member data real time. We encourage you to keep familiarizing yourself with the site, and if you run into any problems, please report them to


Member badges will be provided free to all those members/affiliates who RSVP and attend “new member” social events. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping. To order your badges fill out the form on our website at and email back to Spotlight Impressions at
Name Badges


The GGR Webstore is online and ready. Locate it on the PCA website at Just log in to create an account and get shopping.

Remember – Every club benefits from new ideas, new enthusiasm and new approaches. We’re always looking for help in that department as well as volunteers. Send us your ideas – email, survey input, etc. – we’ll look at them all.

Make sure you take the survey at:

Thanks to our membership we had 73 renewals over the past month. Here’s an idea: when you park next to that Porsche, ask him/her if they belong to GGR – if not, ENLIST THEM! On my walks/bike rides I’m always looking for that unaffiliated Porsche…got two this month!

Cheers and all the best, Capt. Mike

Welcome to Our 56 New/Transferred April Members!

Name Car
Susan Blanco 2012 911 S Black
Amir Bonakdar 2000 911/996 Green
Edward Brown 1987 911 Silver
Fabrice Centeno & Christian Yavorsky 2006 911 Silver
YC Cheng & Sheron Li 1963 356B T6
Yoeman Fong & Garrett 2006 Cayman White
Mathew & Christina Marie Freiheit 2004 911 type 9 Gray
Ted Jackson 2010 Cayman White
Xin Jin (CCC) 2001 911 Turbo Silver
Richard Jones 2004 Cayenne S Tan
Clennita Justice & Robert Bogle 006 911 Silver
James Klima 2004 Carrera 91 Silver
Lloyd Leonard & Laura Reed (CCC) 1982 911SC White
Robert & Lora Loggie (CCC) 2001 Carrera C4 Silver
Michael Lucek 1996 993 Black
Ken Martin 2011 GT3 Blue
Eric & M McLeod 2014 911 TTS Silver
Brian Mintun 2005 997.1 Red
Patrick & Robert Mueller 2002 Boxster Gray
Colm & Bernadette Murphy 2002 911 C4 Blue
Ronan O'Mahony & Blake Joerger 2009 911 Blue
James & Kathy Paver 1985 Carrera Red
Phuong Quang & Anthony Yin 2014 Cayman S White
Adam Reak (CAI) 1975 911S Red
Devan Rosdahl 2007 911 4S Silver
Thomas & Bev Schatzel (CAS) 1978 930 White
Mark Solle & Susan Cook 2005 911
Ronald Swenson 2010 GT3 Red
Tye Tolentino 2007 GT3 Silver
Scott Williams & Tei Baishiki 2011 911 TurboS Black
Dave Wu 2001 Boxster S Silver
Todd & Monique Armstrong (SDO) 1979 911 SC
1986 944 Turbo
1979 911 SC
Asim Khan (DIA) 1985 911 Carrera
Richard Park & Jennie Best (LVS) 1987 911 Carrera Purple
1987 911 Carrera Black
2009 Cayenne Gray
1970 914-6 Orange
1984 911 Carrera Red
Roger Pujol (RED) 1972 911 Silver
Diron Scot (DIA) 1996 Porsche Black
1997 Carrera Silver
Tom Unthank & Howard Whitney (SDO) 1986 911 Carrera

Congratulations to our May 2014 Anniversary Members!

The GGR Board would like to thank you for your commitment to PCA and to the Golden Gate Region on this anniversary of your PCA membership. You are among the 2,600+ GGR members from more than 15 countries and represent the bedrock of this organization. Committed members such as you continue to make us one of the largest and most recognized regions in the PCA world. We are proud to have you as members and thank you again for your commitment to GGR. We look forward to mingling/racing with you in the years to come.

45 Years – 1969

Ingrid Lang
Roberta Reid

35 Years -1979

Edward Finsilver 1971 911 Targa
DennisTholen 2004 GT-3 Yellow

25 Years – 1989

Urs Rieder 1962 356

20 Years – 1994

Charles Fintel 1972 914
Gary Jones 1973 911T Yellow
Jill Matuszak
Margarita Slevin

15 Years – 1999

Brian Curran 2012 Cayenne
John Hunter 1961 356
Paul Jorgensen 1985 911 Carrera
Russell Parman 1976 911
Marina Yao

10 Years – 2004

Alex Berger
Susan Brown
Jeffrey Ching 2004 911 Carrera Basalt Black
Linda Cox
Armando Lacayo 2004 911 Artic Silver
Susan Lacayo
Marianne Ruel
Steven Ruel 1999 911 Carrera Silver
Liz Williams
Pete Williams 1991 911 964T Red

5 Years – 2009

Larry Adams 2014 911 GT3 White
Linda Adams
Bob Braid 2007 Cayman Black
John Braid
Ric Coppes 2008 CaymanS Black
Valerie Coppes
Nancy Corbelletta
Tony Corbelletta 2004 911 Carrera Gray
Richard DiNapoli 1962 356 Red
Rich Green 2005 911 Carrera White
Bruce Jurcevich
Bruce Jurcevich 2008 Cayman Red
Laurel Kane
Pat Kane 2009 Cayenne Brown
Christina Lam
Jess Lee 2005 Boxster S Silver
Beth Martin
Jake Masters 1973 911 Silver
Monty Montgomery 1970 911E White
Chris Rife
Ciaran Rochford 2003 911 Turbo Gray

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