Membership is everywhere!

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Membership is everywhere!

Well we continue to grow but with the sheer size of this club, it’s really hard to see super growth.  Over the past month, 

  • 1,139
  • 2,389
  • Lifetime Members 6
  • Total – 3,534

Taycan seems to be a success even before it’s come out.  Porsche now reportedly has 30,000 orders for a car that has yet to hit the showrooms!  We haven’t seen any real good shots of the Taycan on the road.  Thanks to the folks at Motorweek, and others… there are now some super videos of first drives on the road and in the snow.  Take a look here:   

How about a drive in the 911 GT3?

Over the summer PCA had a chance to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 Touring for two days, during which they picked up the car and drove south from Porsche Cars North America’s headquarters in Atlanta to Savannah. The goal was to see if the GT3 Touring was good at, well, touring, in addition to being one of the most capable sports cars on a back road or racetrack. Watch the video to learn what they found, and be sure to check out the July 2019 issue of Porsche Panorama for the full, in-depth story.

A Flying Electric Porsche…Why Not?

We know there’s a lot going on at Porsche – in fact change is evident in the entire stable that VW oversees.  But a flying Porsche?  Yep it looks like they’re contemplating it.  Of course, in keeping with the new age, it’ll be electric…is this getting out of hand?  Speaking of electric, as with all things Porsche, now they’re saying that there’s a cheaper (Hmmm?) Tycan coming down the line…only $103.8k…I guess that’s better than the $130 first one they debuted.  

Ok, about the flying Porsche.  Not that they’re going to oust United or Lufthansa soon, but Porsche’s future could be at least partly in the friendly skies. Porsche and Boeing signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the premium urban air mobility market and the extension of urban traffic into airspace. With this partnership, both companies will leverage their unique market strengths and insights to study the future of premium urban air mobility vehicles. According to media reports, Boeing might make it fly, but Porsche would imbue it with their customary style and panache.   Porsche says there will be a market for urban aircraft after 2025. So, stand by. 

The aircraft would be fully electric with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) abilities. Porsche isn’t the only one since other companies such as Hyundai are exploring the concept and they’ve even created an Urban Air Mobility division. German startup Lilium is testing a five-seat electric VTOL craft for air taxi service. The four-passenger Bell Nexus, a hybrid VTOL for on-demand service, was announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Airbus is also a player, with the self-piloted Vahana, whose first successful test flight was last year. 

Tycan’s cheaper sister?

Well, there’s also a new Porsche Taycan on the horizon. The Taycan 4S (with two battery options) is a more affordable (?) iteration of the car, arriving in the spring of 2020. The standard version, with a single-layer 79.2-kilowatt-hour battery, will offer 429 horsepower (and up to 522 when accelerating using launch control). 

But, of course, you can always add options…it’s a Porsche after all! The other option is the Performance Battery Plus, with a two-layer, 93.4-kilowatt-hour pack, producing 482 horsepower (563 with launch control). Torque figures are close—472 pound-feet for the standard car, 479 for the Plus model. Both cars can reach 155 miles per hour. 

Range isn’t available yet, but the cars share all-wheel drive architecture (a motor on each axle) with the already announced Turbo models. The 4S starts at US$103,800 in standard form and climbs to US$110,380 for the Plus (add US$1,350 in destination charges to both cars) …and keep adding on as we know!  

Special 10 Year Edition Anniversary: Porsche Panamera 

Porsche is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Panamera line with a special edition. The new Panamera 10 Years Edition features particularly extensive standard equipment in the areas of comfort and the chassis and has also been enhanced with exclusive design highlights.

For example, the new 21-inch Panamera Sport Design wheels in satin-gloss White Gold Metallic and the “Panamera10” logo on the front doors, also in White Gold Metallic, are exclusive to the special-edition models. The anniversary logo can also be found in the interior on the front passenger trim panel and on the door entry guards. The interior is designed in black partial leather. Decorative stitching in White Gold creates a particularly high-quality impression. The new anniversary edition is available in Germany for the Panamera 4 and Panamera 4 E-Hybrid models and for the Sport Turismo derivatives equipped with the same engines.

Many additional extras as standard

The Panamera 10 Year Edition models come ex works with a host of additional comfort and safety features: the LED matrix headlights including PDLS Plus, Lane Change Assist and Lane Keeping Assist with traffic sign recognition and Park Assist including reversing camera are part of the extended standard equipment, as are the panoramic roof system, privacy glass, the heated 14-way comfort seats with Porsche crest on the head restraints, the soft-close doors, digital radio and the BOSE® Surround Sound system.

October November Anniversaries!

Let’s have a special shout out to all our members who celebrated their anniversaries this Octoner and November! 

45 Years

Rachel Bontempi                                            

Rich Bontempi,1974 914 1.8              

35 Years

James Ohl,1997 Boxster                     

Jean Ohl,1997 Boxster Artic Silver    

25 Years

Mark Shattuck,2016 Cayman GT4                 

Karin Lubeck                                      

Mildred Cho                                       

20 Years

Peter Joslin,1975 914 1.8                   

Stanley Klein,1971 914-6                   

Jonathan Klein                                                

Michael Klein,1987 911 Carrera                    

June Klein                                           

15 Years

Jeff Saccullo,1983 911 SC Cabriolet Silver  

Jodie Saccullo                                     

Peter Chase,2000 Boxster S               

Randall Kern,1999 911 Carrera                      

Andreas Schmidt,1970 914 Guards Red        

Laura Kern                                          

10 Years

Boris Teksler,1991 911 Carrera 2                  

John Schniedwind,2006 911 Carrera  Black   

Clifton Braun,1971 914 Orange         

Andrew Gilchrist,1999 911 Carrera Silver    

Jeffrey Smith,2009 911 Carrera Black           

Jakob Teksler                                      

Tanya Luthin                                      

Bobbie Jean Gilchrist                                     

John Byun,2014 Boxster S Guards Red         

Joshua Weinstein,1995 911 Carrera Green    

Bob Colin,2008 911 Carrera Black    

Allen Wilt,1998 911 Carrera Black    

Alan Muschott,2008 911 Carrera Black         

Julia Byun                                           

Nancy Whitley                                                

Teresa Wilt                                         

Terri  Muschott                                               

5 Years

Christian Grass,1986 944 Turbo                    

Michael Chiang,2009 Cayenne Blue  

James Smith,1997 911 Carrera 4S Silver       

Craig Moore,1969 912 Rein Orange  

David Carner,2014 911 Carrera S Dark Blue Metallic          

Bill Kincaid,1976 Race Car               

Sylvia  Chen                                        

Joby Noriel,1982 911 SC Chiffon White       

Tienhao Chen,2014 911 Carrera 4S Silver     

Christoph Huss,1996 911 Carrera Midnight Blue      

Scott    Rhoades,1997 911 Carrera 4S Arena Red      

David  Greenberg,2002 911 Carrera Cabriolet                      

Angelo DiNardi,2005 Boxster S Midnight Blue        

Antonio Casabat,2014 911 GT3 Black           

Erica Thomson Mittelhauser,2009 911 Carrera S Agate       

Ian Sears,2008 911 Carrera Silver      

Manhal Mansour,2007 911 Turbo White       

John Elmore,1998 911 Carrera S Black         

Gianpaolo Tommasi,2014 Cayman                

Ron Castle,2002 Boxster S Artic Silver         

Ashley Crooker,1997 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet Red   

Byron  Dare,2009 911 Carrera White

Thomas Rubino                                              

Hsiao-Lan Lin                                     

Catherine Greenberg                                       

Michelle Castle                                               

Membership Newcomers!  

OK, time for more membership stuff…how about welcoming our new members for the past month?  Here they are and give them a shout when you see them at an event. 

Conner Chambers944 S2944 S21989
WilliamBertucciCayman RCayman R2012
SantoshBidve718 Cayman718 Cayman2018Black
Stephen Brown 718 Boxster S718 Boxster S2018Sapphire blue
RichardBugaj911 Targa911 Targa2003Black
SkipDupree911 Carrera S Cabriolet911 Carrera S Cabriolet2006
JonFields911 Carrera911 Carrera1996Blue
IacopoGambinoBoxster SpyderBoxster Spyder2016Silver
EdwardHanover911 Carrera S911 Carrera S2017Midnight Blue
SorenHarnerCayman SCayman S2014White
BillKellerBoxster SBoxster S2000Black
JonathanMacSwainCayenne TurboCayenne Turbo2004BLK
RahelehMansoor911 Carrera911 Carrera2017
MichaelMarsey911 GT3 RS911 GT3 RS2019White
JosephMillerPanamera TurboPanamera Turbo2011
BrandonMulkern944 S2944 S21990
EdwinPalangMacanMacan2020Night Blue
ArunPatel911 Carrera 4911 Carrera 41995
NathanPettyjohn911 Carrera911 Carrera1995Midnight Blue
AliRazavi911 Carrera Cabriolet911 Carrera Cabriolet1996Iris Blue
GregTerra911 Carrera S911 Carrera S2012Mettallic Brown
JasonTrenh911 GT3911 GT32016
ShermanWang911 Carrera911 Carrera1995Guards REd
AriffinYahaya 718 Cayman S718 Cayman S2017White

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