March Autocross News

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March Autocross News

2018 Autocross Dates Finalized — Corrected dates below in red

Great News !! Our on-going discussions with City of Alameda have come to a successful conclusion with the agreement to extend GGR’s use of the current autocross site at Alameda Point for the next 2 seasons.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the City of Alameda on behalf all of us who autocross at Alameda site for being our hosts and allowing us the opportunity to hold our events at Alameda Point. Special Thanks to the Mayor of and City Council of Alameda, Alameda Residents and GGR Club members that supported this initiative.

Following is the confirmed autocross schedule for 2018:

  • March 17 Saturday AX #1 Alameda
  • April 22 Sunday AX #2 Marina (Zone Event)
  • May 2Sunday AX #3 Alameda
  • June 16 Saturday AX School Alameda
  • June 17 Sunday AX #4 Alameda
  • July Sunday AX #5 Alameda
  • August 5 Sunday AX #6 Marina (Zone Event)
  • September 8 Saturday AX #7 Alameda (Zone Event)
  • October 27 Saturday AX #8 Crows Landing
  • November 17 Saturday AX #9 Alameda

You will also note that the October event will be held at Crow’s Landing as no dates were available to us during the month of October at Alameda. Crow’s Landing is just off I5 , about 20 minutes south of the 580/I-5 junction. It should be fun to try out a new site !!

3 GGR events will also be Zone 7 events this year (the customary 2 joint events with LPR at Marina, plus one at our home site at Alameda in September). If you’re interested in learning more about Zone 7 autocross series you can go here:

In brief, GGR is part of the larger PCA “Zone 7” and in 2018 9 “Zone 7” events will be hosted by GGR, LPR, SVR, and Redwood Regions. In order to qualify for a trophy for this series you will have to run at least 5 of the 9 events with your top 6 scores being counted. One additional rule is that you must run events in at least 3 different regions so running the 2 LPR/GGR weekends and the Alameda Zone event will not qualify you, you will need to make at least one trip to either to SVR (Sacramento Region) or Redwood Region. I’ve run with both regions and can attest that it’s great to meet new Porsche enthusiasts in the Zone and to drive a completely new site. Try it out !!

With only 3 weeks until the opening of the Autocross season (at Alameda !!), ready your cars and watch for a motorsportsreg registration link in the coming days.

Ed Hunter

2018 GGR Autocross Chair

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