March 21, 2020 Board of Directors

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March 21, 2020 Board of Directors

Special Board Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2020


John Celona, Canyon Chan, Serena Cheng, Brian Emmett, Chris Hamilton, Jim McClelland, Himanshu Patel, Michael Sherman, Howard Yao.

Call to Order: 

The meeting was called to order at 3:11 pm. 

Topics of Discussion:

As this was a special Board Meeting in response to Covid-19 and the Health Order, regular Director Reports will be given at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting on April 5th.

  1. Filling Vacant Board Positions: Canyon Chan was nominated for Treasurer and Howard Yao was nominated for Secretary. Board unanimously voted in favor.
  2. Club Finances: Club recently migrated our financial data from QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online, allowing multiple people to access. Board has brought on an accounting firm to help with close out the 2019 books. President to follow up with Treasurer to bring him up to speed.
  3. Autocross/Fun Run Events: Canceled fun run scheduled for 3/22. All Autocross and Fun Run events are cancelled in compliance with the Health Order until further notice. Ed Hunter still working with Alameda County for use of Alameda Naval Air Station site. This agenda item was moved from March to the next 4/7 meeting. Crows Landing should be another viable autocross site, but communications with them has been slow due to Health Order.
  4. Track Events: First two track events at Buttonwillow and Thunderhill have been cancelled. Deposit to Buttonwillow will be applied to our next event. Deposit sent to Thunderhill will be applied to the September event.
  5. Social Events: The 4/30 social event at Steelhead Brewery will be postponed to a later date, given the Club’s decision to cancel all events that happen through the end of April. Social Director will plan an online event as a safe alternative to continue the GGR 60th club anniversary celebration kicked off at the Annual Awards Banquet on the USS Hornet in January.
  6. New Members: A motion to approve all new members was carried unanimously.
  7. Board Member Contacts: Secretary to gather all board member emails and phone numbers for Club use and to update Website.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 pm.

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