March, 2021 Track Report

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March, 2021 Track Report


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We trust that you are all happily welcoming the crackling of warmer weather this past week, and are also happily at your favorite shop or in your garage getting yourselves and your Porsches ready for another full season of track fun!

Over several decades, GGR has regularly teamed with other regions – namely Diablo and Central Coast – to host a couple of three day events each year. Over the past 5 or 6 years (and continuing), we have provided a concerted effort to utilize our collective experience and resources to the benefit of all PCA regions, not just the hosting regions. This year is especially important for that effort, combining those attributes to be successful while still managing the effects of the COVID situation.



  • April 3-4: Thunderhill Raceway DE and Club Race (3 mile)
  • May 22-23: Buttonwillow Raceway DE and Club Race (Central Coast Region will host its DE on Friday, May 21)
  • July 3-4: Sonoma Raceway DE and Club Race
  • September 25-26: Thunderhill DE and Club Race (3 mile) (Diablo Region will host its DE on Friday, September 24)
  • October 9-10: Sonoma Raceway Club Race only (with NASA)

GGR and Diablo Region have worked hard during the off season to prepare offerings of lead-follow instruction for student drivers. We are also working to confirm the feasibility of utilizing what we are calling the “Potomac” protocol to resume in-car instruction. (You can read about the Potomac protocol here.) We can still provide in-car instruction in situations where the instructor and student are either from the same household or the same “social bubble,” and we are adding a “Vaccinated” bubble as well.

Water Dragon Update:

Why did your track chair buy a Boxster? He is still searching for the answer. Meanwhile, in the past month, your track chair has upgraded the brakes, upgraded the headlights, upgraded the seats, and added the requisite cup holders. With its thundering 201 horses, the gas pedal is getting more than its fair share of action (and why, really did he think he needed to upgrade the brakes when they are hardly ever used?). A scissor lift is being considered to allow being passed by every other car on track without their having to leave the preferred line.

Eyes up drivers! Stay tuned to GGR emails, the Nugget, and Facebook for continuing 2021 track season updates!


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