March 2020 Autocross Report

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March 2020 Autocross Report

If you are not preparing for the new autocross season, you have already fallen behind. Some drivers are busy lightening up their car and body weights, while others are putting the idiom “Spend money to go FAST” to use. Even more participants are honing their driving skills at other autocrossing venues. Whatever it takes to give those butterflies some rest.

Hello fellow autocrossers, my name is Himanshu Patel. I am the new face representing GGR autocrossers for the 2020 season. You have seen me at our events in Alameda and Marina for the last four years, assisting Ed Hunter and other team members for the past year with event execution. Ed has been exemplary in laying out a succession plan for me, for which I am extremely thankful. Thanks also to all past Autocross chairs for keeping our autocrossing scene worthy of everyone admiration. Where else can more than one hundred drivers get ten or more laps with 50 second average lap times in a day? With your continued support, we will keep moving this well oiled machine (and your Porsches) forward and keep the premier status it deserves. Don’t forget to give a shout out, some of whom are active autocrossers. Terry Zaccone, Paul Smith, Andrew Bylholder and Ed Hunter are the few names that come to mind.

Increasing commercial activities in the bay area makes rental agreement process a difficult one. We have seen our sister regions lose their sites without any prior notice. Rest assured that with Ed Hunter’s leadership, GGR is trying our best to get the use of Alameda site approved. At this point, we are awaiting their decision by the end of March. Once approved, we should be able to run at Alameda for rest of the season, starting with May 16.

Ed has also explored all alternate sites within 100 miles of Alameda. Thanks to his efforts, we are in the process of working out a rental agreement with Crows Landing. This goes a long way towards keeping the autocrossing scene alive at GGR. Irrespective of Alameda being available, our first autocrossing event appears to be at Crows Landing on April 12. I am staying Cautiously Optimistic.

Himanshu Patel

Autocross Co-Chair

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