March 2017 Track Report

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March 2017 Track Report

Hey, Coach!

Your GGR track team just completed hosting its 2018 PCA National Instructor Training the weekend of February 10-11. Eighteen enthusiastic candidates were mentored by twenty-four seasoned and even more enthusiastic instructor mentors to not merely grow GGR’s instructor corps by training the many excellent candidates, but to also further develop the excellence of our experienced instructors.

It was my privilege to be part of the instructor training. Being party to the candidates’ and mentors’ amazing discussions on driving well and coaching well, it would truly be just as great a privilege for me to be coached by each and every one of them.

Our upcoming event at Thunderhill (March 24-25) will be our first event of 2018 to include students, those Porsche owners of ours finally RSVP’ing to the Drivers Ed party invitation, as well as the Club racers – the men and women who make their 911s, 944s and Boxsters do magical things door handle-to-door handle. Come and watch Zone 7 SP911 Champ Bob Murillo defend his 2017 title. Cheer on GT3 Champ Walter Nilsen as he defends his 2017 title against the always nifty Chris Murray. Study Zone 7 SPB Champ (and National Runner-Up) I-will-race-anything-I-can-stand-or-sit-on Heath Spencer defend his 2017 title against the wily Tim Smith and Doug Boccignone!

Register here.

Club racers register here.

It is quite the privilege to spend the equivalent of two to three weeks out of every year with great people who are, even in a recreational setting, constantly striving to improve – to be smoother, to be faster, to understand the capabilities of their cars better, to be more precise, to make their race cars more reliable while still going even faster (and to win!), to challenge their respective status quo, to continually learn, to raise the standard – and to do it all in the company of good friends.

For those of you seasoned DE drivers who identify with the preceding paragraph, GGR is amending its DE program to provide more instructor resources for any certified driver who seeks it and, in an effort to leave no stone unturned, provide more instructor-to-instructor coaching at each event. We are hungry for it!

To those of you who wonder about tracking your incredible Porsches instead of letting them sit frustratingly still in your garages (yes, your Porsches have souls – polite but determined souls), or as you tentatively hand your keys over to another parking valet (which is the highlight of his or her day), we invite you to come and join this journey with us to continually become better drivers. Enjoy a weekend with the best instructors around and the many DE regulars who will gladly share their enjoyed experience of our sport with you. We are well stocked with hook, line, and sinker sets. Confidence is high that there is a set with your name on it!

It’s a great 2018, Drivers! See you at the track!

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