Macan Reigns Supreme!

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Macan Reigns Supreme!

Capt. Mike (AKA) Capt. Michael Sherman, USN-Ret.
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Macan – At Altitude 

Those of us who have down-sized from a Cayenne to a Macan know the exuberance and excitement this smaller SUV brings. I really have to think twice about taking the Macan or the 911 GTS when I’m off on a trip.  Since I don’t haul lumber or sheet rock anymore (OK, I really never did) plus there’s ample room for bags of groceries from the commissary, this is the one!  It’s been a huge  success story for Porsche: Since 2014, Porsche has delivered more than 350,000 units worldwide. Now the Macan has been significantly enhanced in terms of its design, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics, All new components and applications were subjected to extreme loads as part of the testing. In South Africa recently, facelifted Macans had to prove on particularly rough asphalt, dusty gravel roads and hostile mountain passages that it is ready for the upcoming market launch in China at the end of July. Porsche’s testing crew took some camouflaged prototypes to 3,400 metres above sea level in Lesotho, Africa. There, the sports car masquerading as a compact SUV also impressively demonstrated its off-road capabilities.

See more about Macan’s African adventure here:

Macan – At Attitude – The New(est) Turbo!

Well, they’ve done it – equipped a Macan Turbo with a Performance Package that tops off the model line with enhanced driving properties, increased agility and an even greater emotional appeal. It’s hard to believe since the present selection is pure Porsche for sure.  But, time moves on and I guess so does Macan…faster!  

The Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition is based on the most powerful derivative in the model line: the Macan Turbo with Performance Package. Its 3.6-litre V6 engine with twin turbocharging delivers 324 kW (440 hp). 30 kW (40 hp) more than the Macan Turbo.

The Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds and achieves a top speed of 272 km/h. A maximum torque of 600 Nm is available to the driver across a broad speed range of between 1500 and 4500 rpm.  It takes just 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 80 km/h to 120 km/h. The standard equipment includes a high-performance brake system with grooved brake discs that are 390 millimetres in diameter, the controlled Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) sports chassis, which is perfectly tuned to a body that has been lowered by 15 millimeters; add in the Sport Chrono Package and the sports exhaust system.

The Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition is available to order now, with prices in Germany starting from EUR 116.091,25 including VAT and country-specific features.

Equipped with the Performance Package, the Macan Turbo tops off the model line, impressing with enhanced driving properties, increased agility and an even greater emotional appeal. To point out the sporting roots of the car, 

Sir Chris Hoy in a Porsche

British Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy, is a British racing driver and former track cyclist who represented GB at the Olympics and World Championships and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games. He has been a fan of Porsche since childhood, here he swaps two wheels for four as he takes on the infamous hillclimb at Goodwood Festival of Speed.The same values of always striving for success and never satisfied with standing still that drove Porsche to outstanding success in motorsport are also ingrained in one of Britain’s greatest Olympians. Watch as he takes on the hillclimb in the 911 Paris-Dakar and Cayenne Turbo.  Check it out here: 

New Members in June/July 2018

Please welcome them aboard when you see them

Name Car
Eric Anderson 2003 911 Carrera4 Cabriolet Lapis Blue
Andy Baek 2006 CaymanS
John Clark 1999 911 Carrera Cabriolet Silver
Chris Frank 1956 356
Mike Haftel 2018 911 GT3 Chalk
Kenny Le 2018 MacanS White
Vernon Rhyne 2018 911 CarreraGTS Black
Jimmie Rodgers 2014 Cayman Blue
Jerome Shen 2011 Cayenne Turbo
Mark Smith 2015 911GT3 White
Evan Smith 2018 718 BoxsterS
Ian Van Hoven 1968 911T
Vincent Chen 2005 911 Carrera Silver
Ekaterina Efremova 2014 CaymanS Racing Yellow
Fredy-Edwin Esse 2008 BoxsterS Silver
Arvian Heidir 2018 718 CaymanS Black
Dan Heinrichs/Leitner 1987 911 Carrera Red
John Kilpatrick 2018 718 CaymanS Lava Orange
Michael Laport 2018 Panamera 4S
Glenn Lopez 2013 911 CarreraS Cabriolet
Tim Nguyen 1997 911 Carrera Red
Nicholas Olsen 2007 CaymanS Speed Yellow
Jan-Simon Pendry 2017 911 Carrera Grey
W.Wesley Pennington
Jonathan Perichon 2017 911 Carrera4S Cabriolet
Hector Velazquez 1970 911T White
Max Wallace 2008 911 Carrera 4S
Colby Waterland 2002 911 Carrera Arctic Silver Metallic

Congrats to our August 2018 Anniversary Members!

ImageIn a world where discarding old, used, and tired items is too easy, there are Porsche owners! We keep our cars, refurbish when necessary, and value our relationships.  We are proud to have you as members and thank you for your commitment to GGR.  Here are the members who will celebrate their anniversaries in July.

40 Years (1983)

Steven Scott

1989 911 Carrera4 Velvet Red

25 Years (1993)

Colm Campbell

2005 911GT3

Gary Du Haime

1987 944

Hubert Lee

1994 911 Carrera2

20 Years (1998)

Jeffrey Berkes

1974 911 White

Eric Hansen

1973 914 1.7

Jeffrey Herbst

1997 Boxster

Monte Hill

1970 911E

Roger Quiring

1958 356

15 Years (2003)

Clint Bergst

1999 911 Carrera Silver

Elwood Johnson

2003 Boxster

10 Years (2008)

Jonathan Fox

2012 911 CarreraGTS Gray

Evan Goldstein

2006 CaymanS Basalt Black

Jeffrey Kolsky

1988 911 Carrera Blue

Scott Miner

1970 914 Orange

Scott Taylor

1977 911

5 Years (2013)

Zan Aronowitz

2011 911 Turbo Gray

Werner Gerola

2002 911 Carrera Silver

Arthur Homan

1961 356 White

Christopher Hook

2013 Cayenne Black

Adam Neill

2014 CaymanS Yellow

Thomas Reese

2009 911 Carrera4S Black

Hans Steiner

2012 BoxsterS Silver

Robert Titus

2007 Cayman Purple

Christopher Wetzler

2017 911 Carrera4S White

Refer a Friend

 If you have friends who might be interested in Porsche, go to the PCA website and the “Refer a Friend” feature. It’s an excellent way to invite and introduce prospective members to the Porsche Club of America.  It is an easy and quick way to follow up after making a personal contact.  See the steps below.  The great thing about this feature is that ANY member can use it.  So, give it a try.

1. Log in to your account.
2. From the Menu Bar, click Membership, Refer a Friend.
3. Under “Refer Friends” enter the email addresses of friends you would like to refer.  Separate each email address by a comma.
4. Under “Message” an automatic message will appear.  Feel free to make changes.  In fact, I would encourage you to personalize your message and direct them not only to the PCA website, but the Membership Benefits page as well (  Whatever message is in the box will be sent to each friend you listed.

GGR Placards

IMG_0258I’ve restocked the cupboard with all new reprints of our placard that feature our new numbers (3200+) and I know you’ll want to hand these out! These are available at every GGR function and we’d like you to pick some up and feel free to use them whenever you see an unaffiliated Porsche sitting idle. I stick them on windshields of Porsches or hand them to drivers if they don’t have our logo in the window.  No one is safe from the devious membership director! Porsche owners in Half Moon Bay now run when they see me coming!  If you want, I’ll even mail some to you so you can hand them out…let me know and I’ll get them to you! 





 Badges – I still got em! C’mon…I’ll SEND THEM!

If you failed to pick up your badge at some even, let me know…I’ll send it to you….! C0ntact me at: HMBSHERM@COMCAST.NET

Help! I still have a HUUUGE back-log of badges created from event “no shows.”  Please make sure to ask for yours at the next event you attend, we’ll have them set out. Member badges are provided free to all those new members/affiliates who RSVP and attend social and/or driving events for the first time. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping. So, it behooves you to get them from us during an event. Otherwise, to order your badges fill out the form on our website at and email back to Spotlight Impressions at  Make sure to wear your badge to all functions to help interact with 0ther members!

Logo Wear!

We’ve got a great selection at the GGR- PCA online Webstore with both men and women’s hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.  The site features a whole line of wearable GGR plunder. It’s located at; look for us in the regional section, create an account, and get shopping.  If you have a recommendation for some other item, let us know.

At the reggiano parmigiana cheese factory in Parma, Italy! 

Remember to check the calendar for upcoming events.  See you at the AX,  Track, Fun Run or next social function, e.g., Boxster Brunch?

Enjoy the Summer!

Capt. Mike


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