Lick Observatory event, a gathering like no other!

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Lick Observatory event, a gathering like no other!

June 5th, 2021 – Livermore 7:30 am: PCA GGR event organizers, lead drivers, sweep drivers, and the volunteering team handling the registrations, the badges, the stickers and the media, arrived at the event departure location, and prepared for all the registered attendees’ arrival at 8am.

By 8:30am, all 59 event registered attendees were on site, divided into 4 lined up groups in the large parking lot of the meetup location, and ready to go. We held up our driver briefing, highlighting the importance of safety, and ensuring that all our drivers will be respectful of all traffic rules.

The first lined up group took off at around 9 am, followed by the second, third  and fourth, with an interval of 10 mins between each group.

We headed to the Lick Observatory, through the gratifying and twisty Mines road, stopping briefly at a scheduled pit stop midway. Shortly after the pit stop, we resumed the drive on Mount Hamilton road, and headed to San Jose!

By lunch time, we were in Santana Row, at Straits Restaurant, where a delightful meal awaited us! We gathered all together in the restaurant’s outdoor private lunch area, reserved specifically for our group, enjoying the food, chatting, laughing, and having fun!

It was definitely an amazing experience like no others!

Yet, even if we tediously planned everything, a minor incident still occurred: A flat tire halted some of our drivers. Thanks to our amazing volunteering team, including Robert (W), Hans, Ed and Himanshu, we ensured issues were resolved, and members got back home safely.

Now that we are preparing our upcoming event on July 31st 2021, we remain highly dedicated to safety,  and social drives  that comprise amazing routes! Talking about safety, we discussed  adding a designated and official Service Car for each of our upcoming drives, ensuring on providing assistance to any attendees’ vehicles as needed.

In short, I would like to tremendously thank all our volunteering team for the June 5th event, and look forward to seeing you all in our upcoming Summer event on July 31st, 2021!


PCA GGR Motoring Director

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