June 2020 Autocross Report

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June 2020 Autocross Report

Some better news on Autocross front for this month. Relaxation of stay at home regulations have allowed facilities to start planning their site rental activities. As a result, we are close to signing a contract with Cow Palace for June 28, August 29 and October 24 dates, with October 25 reserved for our sister region. Certainly not the number of outings we were hoping for, but this gives us a good start. Our quest for additional dates is an on-going. Additional dates may be possible at Cow Palace, Crows Landing or other sites. We will share this information as it becomes available.

An announcement for June 28 event will go out in the next two weeks. Attendance to our autocross events this year will require participants to follow social distancing guidelines established by various governing bodies, which may require us to reduce the number of participants.

A few members have inquired about changes to car classification system. We do not plan to alter our classification system this year. The cars list database will be updated shortly to account for new model introductions by Porsche. A slight tweak may also be applied to some modern cars to include new driver aids such as four-wheel steering. This may affect the car classification for a few existing (modern) cars. Stay tuned and Stay Healthy!


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