June 2018 Autocross Report

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June 2018 Autocross Report

The Carlsen Porsche Autocross Event #3 started out on a bumpy road, but it turned out fine for the 81 drivers that attended this event. We had a sunny (quite warm) day at Alameda Point with excellent conditions. “No tire warmers required” was the comment. (these are not allowed for autocross, BTW, so no ideas there)

The event start was delayed by a simple equipment failure with our aging timing gear (a battery died), but some quick thinking and battery borrowed from another piece of equipment saved the day! Though we began the event a bit behind schedule, but we were still able to achieve 9 runs each on a excellent course put together by autocross regular Magnus (the best times ranged between 45 and 63 seconds).

It is always interesting to note the course designer’s time. Magnus came in 5thoverall and 2ndin his very tough class (AX4). Here are the top 10:

Raw Pos. Pos. Class # Driver Car Model Raw Time Diff. From 1st
1 1 AX02 222 Blyholder, Andrew 1975 914-4 45.376 0.000 0.000
2 1 AX04 1760 Lam, Eric 2015 911 GT3 48.677 3.301 3.301
3 2 AX02 24 Hunter, Ed 1973 914 48.810 0.133 3.434
4 1 AX06 106 Framhein, Teddy 2015 Cayman GTS 49.063 0.253 3.687
5 2 AX04 401 Back, Magnus 2007 997 S 49.101 0.038 3.725
6 1 SS12 427 Adams, Greg 2016 Cayman GT4 49.779 0.678 4.403
7 3 AX02 2221 Greathouse, Tom 1975 914-4 49.866 0.087 4.490
8 1 AX08 919 Carter, Grady 2002 Boxster S 50.320 0.454 4.944
9 1 SS07 48 Patel, Himanshu 2014 Cayman S 50.619 0.299 5.243
10 3 AX04 775 Boynton, Chris 2018 GT3 touring 50.836 0.217 5.460


Full results are here: http://pca-ggr.org/autocross/results/

It is interesting to note that there were 7 mid-engine cars and 3 911’s in the top 10. Also interesting is that 3 cars were from the 70’s and that the rest were produced between 2002 and 2018.  Cost-wise, at the lower end are the 914’s and Boxster/Caymans and at the upper end the 911 GT3’s. It is so interesting that a 40 year old race car can still run with a new GT3. One of these days I have to try one, PDK and all.

To be fair, the 914 crowd gives up a few things to the GT3 guys in order to be able to play at that level, cup holders, radio, interior, doors with hinges, windshield, etc. I’ve also noticed you have to become half mechanic and half driver, and to carry a full tool kit (including a sledge hammer).

I personally had 2 things “almost” fall off my car at the last event: my (admittedly giant) rear wing became loose and part of my front spoiler mounting system. No problem, as I (now) carry a full tool kit. 20 minutes later and all the offending parts are off and I’m ready to run again ! Car was a bit loose on the course without the wing though.

A wing-less 914 back at home

Detached wing and charging emitters on the dining room table. The bad battery is there as a reminder as well, I already ordered a new one.

Upon arriving home, it was time to recharge the timing gear, order a new battery (for the afore-mentioned failed equipment) and get the spoiler back on the car!

The photos at left show the reattachment process.

That should be attached

Speaking of witch, the next Carlsen Porsche Autocross is scheduled for Sunday 6/17 (the day after the Annual GGR autocross school, which is Saturday 6/16).

You can signup for the school (on Saturday 6/16) here: www.motorsportreg.com/events/annual-carlsen-ggr-beginner-autocross-school-alameda-point-pca-golden-gate-511921

You can signup for the next GGR autocross  (on Sunday 6/17) here: msreg.com/ggr4-2018

Registration for both events is open now.

I have confirmed the remaining autocross dates for 2018 against our contracts and the remaining GGR autocross days at this point are as follows:

June 17 Sunday AX #4 Alameda 
July 8 Sunday AX #5 Alameda (some calendars has Saturday 7/7 for this event)
August 5 Sunday AX #6 Marina (Zone Event)
September 8 Saturday AX #7 Alameda (Zone Event)

Rivnut to the rescue (to install theaded inserts).

October 27 Saturday AX #8 Crows Landing

November 17 Saturday AX #9 Alameda


Please double-check your calendars, especially if you planned out the entire season in advance at the beginning of the season.

Re-attached and ready for re-installation

See you at the next Autocross !!


Ed Hunter


Ready for the next event!

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