July 2020 Track News

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July 2020 Track News

Scream for 103

Drivers –

Time to re-energize!

Your track chair will confess that it has been so long since the last track event, his own enthusiasm has been waning. Even the knowledge of the first DE at Laguna in September, at the horsepower robbing 92 dB, couldn’t provide any spark. He put his rally cap away and couldn’t remember where he put it.

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Desperate for the camaraderie of our track events, your track chair couldn’t wait any longer and putt-putted down to Laguna on June 20 to hang out with our Central Coast brethren and volunteer where needed. (“Putt-putt” defined as leading a fellow PCA-er at a steady speed which reduced the max fuel economy of your track chair’s ride by some 30%, and attractive enough to pick up a C7 Vette and a Bentley Continental GT along the way. PM your track chair for the cruise control setting.)

It was great to help out on grid and visit with other Central Coast, Diablo, and GGR drivers. While at the event, your track chair was offered the use of a 991.1 GT3 for a session. No arm twisting required! The challenge laid before him was if he could stay under the allowed sound limit.

Nope. Try as he may, not even close. Meatball flag on the second lap.

Your track chair, upon firing up his computer the next morning, emailed the Laguna rental coordinator to request a change from that frustrating 92 dB limit to a 103 dB limit. Request granted. Woo! We’re all excited (and relieved) to have a 103! There is the phrase “wheels turning in his head,” but ohmygosh, your track chair’s mind was doing burnouts! It didn’t take long to amend the event to include a Club Race run group. The racers are excited, too!

Here’s our track schedule for 2020:

August 22-23 Club Race 4 (w/ NASA) Sonoma Raceway

September 5-6 (new date) DE 4 Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca

September 26-27 DE 5 / Club Race 5 Thunderhill Raceway

October 10-11 Club Race 6 (w/ NASA) Sonoma Raceway

It’s great to feel a pulse again!

Eyes up, drivers!


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