July 2020 Autocross Report

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July 2020 Autocross Report

The day finally arrived on June 28 for Autocross enthusiasts to show off their driving skills! Fifty drivers were welcomed at Cow Palace bright and early to compete in the long-awaited challenge that lied ahead. Attendee count was restricted to fifty participants to maintain compliance with Local health regulations. All available spots had filled up within three minutes of opening of the registration. Event was over-subscribed by Seventy-five spots, forcing us to close the registration well ahead of schedule. We are working diligently to add more events for remaining season to facilitate more members. While August 28 and October 24 dates are already in the books with Cow Palace, we are continuing our dialog with Crows Landing. Our goal is to add four more dates at Crows Landing on July 19, August 2, September 20 and November 15. Uncertainties with the pandemic environment may require us to cancel these future events on short notice. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

As for the event, autocross team was well prepared to comply with the LARGE CROWD GATHERING ordinance mandated by State of California. Following is a list of few guidelines that were adhered to:

  • Only invited attendees were allowed at the event.
  • All individuals were required to keep a minimum of six feet from each other. Cars parked in paddock were required to maintain open spots on both adjacent sides.
  • Wearing of face mask was mandatory when outside the car
  • Antiseptic lotions and wipes were available at strategic locations
  • Equipment handled by multiple individuals were wiped with antiseptic wipes prior to exchange

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants for complying with our procedures and protocols.

A big thanks goes to Cow Palace for facilitating the event and even a bigger thanks goes to Golden Gate Lotus Club for their generosity in loaning key autocrossing gear.

Enough already. Let’s talk autocrossing. Weather gods welcomed us with a gift of strong gusty winds throughout the day. Knocking down of equipment, including the timing gear, provided anxiety of not receiving timing data for some drivers. Good news came to some not so naughty drivers in the form of re-runs. When the dust settled, each driver managed a total of eight runs around the special CROSSOVER layout – four times in the morning and four times in the afternoon. Fastest times ranged from 40.065 seconds established early by Monty Pack in his 2018 Porsche GT3 to 51.902 seconds posted by a 2006 Porsche Cayman S running in AX10 class. Results are now available on the GGR autocross results web page. Snapshot below highlights the diversity of classes at the top. Welcome to the new era.

Best Lap PAX Times
40.065 Monty Pack [AX02] 39.470 Andrew Blyholder [AX16]
40.525 Eric Lam [AX04] 39.548 Teddy Framhein [AX07]
40.771 Teddy Framhein [AX07] 39.755 Grady Carter [AX09]

GGR timing trailer was sorely missed at our event. We have plenty of gear in the trailer to address the timing woes mentioned earlier. Trailer availability is a necessity for our events. Tom Greathouse has championed this effort for the longest time. Tom is taking a break from autocrossing this season, leaving a void. We are looking for a volunteer to help transport our trailer from the storage site in San Leandro to the autocross event and back. In appreciation of this effort, GGR will offer a monetary compensation plus A GURANTEED SPOT for the event. Please help us help you help us.

Himanshu Patel

On behalf of the Autocross Team

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