July 2018 Autocross Report

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July 2018 Autocross Report

The 4th Carlsen Porsche Autocross was held on Father’s Day this year (sorry about that), but we had 80 drivers participate in this event nonetheless and what better activity for Father’s day than racing your Porsche!

As I was pulling away from my house that morning with my race trailer and supplies, the annual Le Mans 24 Hour race was coming to a close (literally it was 10 minutes to the final flag). I was able to watch some of the race on-line the previous day on the Velocity channel (free via a Comcast basic login). Porsche earned wins in both GTE-Pro and GTE-AM with 911 RSR. Congratulations to Porsche and Drivers! More here: www.porsche.com/lemans

Back to ourrace, the basic course from the Autocross School the previous day was reused and extended. It turned out to be a fun and challenging course for all. 3 GT3s were able to break the 40 second mark (Steve, Monte and Tara), followed closely by the 914’s. In other close races, Grady pulled off a win in the highly competitive AX08 class (by .3) and Brant in AX12 (by .1). Full results are posted here: http://pca-ggr.org/autocross/results/

Signups for the next autocross in this year’s series are open and the event is right around the corner, to be held on the weekend following the 4thof July, on Sunday July 8th. You can signup here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-pca-ggr-autocross-5-alameda-point-golden-gate-417091

Next, I’d like to make everyone aware of some construction activity that will be on-going at the Alameda site, beginning by the time you read this article. West Atlantic Avenue will be closed and a new access gate will be opened on Trident Avenue. These base entrances are on the other side of the base near the Bladium, but if you happen to enter or exit that way, you should be aware of this change and plan accordingly. As most of us enter via the tunnel, take Stargell and access through the Main St gate this change will not affect us.

The autocross site is marked “Antiques Faire” in the map below:

This change is taking place because infrastructure for “Site A” is being put in place (Residential, retail and commercial). This area of development is on the other side of the base near the historic seaplane lagoon and the Bladium (which is a sports center BTW). It looks like for now the museum will remain where it is (Old Pan Am air terminal building, Building 77 off Pan Am Way). It’s a great place to learn more of the history of the site and pick up a book, hat or T-shirt: http://alamedanavalairmuseum.org/

Below is a detail for Site A:

Looking further around the Alameda website, a site B has also been defined but there is no detail on when that might be built out (again on the far side of the base). Our autocross area has been zoned “Open Space” for the time being. Though our contract with Alameda ends at the end of next year, we are hopeful that they will allow us to continue our events there until that area is also developed. Let us all strive to be the best guests possible in all ways.

We have now reached the mid-point of our season. 4 more events will take place after Autocross #5. 2 more at Alameda, 1 at Marina and one at Crows Landing:

August 5 Sunday AX #6 Marina (Zone Event)

September 8 Saturday AX #7 Alameda (Zone Event)

October 27 Saturday AX #8 Crows Landing

November 17 Saturday AX #9 Alameda

See you at the next Autocross !!


Ed Hunter





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