July 2016 Motoring / Social Report

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July 2016 Motoring / Social Report

We had a great time clicking-off the 6th FunRun of the year in early July. Forty P-cars, this time including an SUV, and 58 GGR peeps turned-out for the re-introduction of this popular Drive to our FunRun schedule. Mines Road to Mt. Hamilton…

Ah, what’s not to like? We cruised a nice twisty road, as always, and then after the mid-point, we found practically no bicycles to speak of, no motorcycles, and a very few cars to hinder our progress. Cattle guards on the Santa Clara County portion of course, but we were forewarned of these, so no one lost a splitter that I know of.

The hairpins up the back side of Mt.Hamilton provided plenty of steering wheel work, but it was worth it when we crested the top and saw those imposing white domes, hiding the telescopes of the Lick Observatory complex. And the spectacular sight of the Valley of Heavenly Delights was… heavenly. It was hard to pull drivers and passengers away from the mesmerizing view of the entire South Bay, but the pizza order was placed, so we had to get going down the road to San Jose.

For our lunch at the bottom of the hill, Vito’s Famous provided a huge half-pie for every man, woman and child among us, so there was basta pasta for everyone to take home more than a few slices. We sat elbow-to-elbow Italian style at long tables, scarfing up the delicious pizzas while talking cars with one another for a good hour and a half.

Many of our drivers were new on this FunRun, and we were encouraged to see more and more newbies coming out to join our monthly Drives. In fact, that’s the main reason we produce so many GGR FunRuns: we want to make room for new members to get driving their Porsches, and not letting them sit in the garage. So, here’s hoping we see more fresh faces signing-up for these group “excursions” in the countryside. That’s all , folks.

Michael Griffin  GGR VP/Motoring Director

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