January 2018 Autocross Report

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January 2018 Autocross Report

Less than 80 days remain until the 2019 Carlsen Autocross Series opener at Alameda Point on 3/17. 80 days. How are your winter projects going (car related, I mean)? Now that the holiday season is in the rear view mirror, it’s time for a new list, and to get going. 

Me? With the 914 in the shop, I’ve been doing some maintenance on other cars in the family, though I did put a new sticker on my 911. No, that does not count as a mod. I need to get going myself and order some tires. And work on that list.

Speaking of preparations for the upcoming season, we did finalize contracts with Alameda in late December, so here are the now confirmed dates. No changes from the previous announcements:

  • Autocross #1-March 17 ALAMEDA (Sunday)
  • Autocross #2-April 14 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #3-May 18 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross School– June 22 ALAMEDA(Saturday)
  • Autocross #4-June 23 ALAMEDA(Sunday)
  • Autocross #5-July 13 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #6-August 17ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #7– September 29 (joint weekend with LPR at MARINA) (Sunday)
  • Autocross #8-October 19 ALAMEDA (Saturday)
  • Autocross #9-November 16 ALAMEDA(Saturday)

For the 2019 season a few proposals have been put forth. Please email me directly if you have any comments, they will be voted on in February by the Rules Committee). Any rules adopted will begin with the new 2019 season. Also if you have additional proposals, email me anytime as I’m always open to suggestions. The changes proposed so far are as follows:

  1. Discontinue Showroom Stock (complexity, lack of participation)
  2. Discontinue “L” or Ladies specific classes (complexity, equality)
  3. Use same PAX modifiers for both Men and Women drivers (complexity, equality)
  4. For trophy calculation, explicitly state maximum of 3 trophies per class (a defacto rule at the moment)

Lastly, I’d like to remind you that the GGR Holiday Gala and Awards Dinner is coming up soon and registration closes in a few days. Looks to be an incredible event this year at the San Francisco Legion of Honor on January 12. Hope to see you there, I’ll be presenting the 2018 Autocross Awards to all attending autocrossers. The PAX trophies are here already, with the rest on the way. Here is the signup link: http://msreg.com/2019GGR-Gala

The San Francisco Legion of Honor
Site of the 2019 Winter Gala & Awards Dinner

Hope you had a great holiday season, and see you at an event soon!

Ed Hunter

Autocross Director

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