How to fit 40 Porsches at a mountain top

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How to fit 40 Porsches at a mountain top

As the Fall season reminds us that it is right around the corner, the Motoring Events team quickly put to motion an invigorating full day event to celebrate all things Fall.  In mid September, 40 Porsches set out on an energetic 4-hour run through the beautiful twisties that backroads of Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California has to offer.  The 4-group caravan made a pit stop at a working apples/berries farm that is nationally renowned for their tasty pies!  After what seemed to be a slice of heaven, the groups saddled up and headed for the altitude.  We eventually arrived at our final destination which seemed like a winery from the story books. The views were intoxicating as your eyes would scan across the surrounding valleys, the Monterey Bay Peninsula and everything in between.  This was truly a unique experience which left a smile on everyone’s face to last for a long time.  

This is until our Much anticipated Santa Barbara 3-day trip comes up in early October. Stay tuned.

Robert Habibi

Motoring Events, Director

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