Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


Happy New Year, one month in! We are excited to be able to bring you events in 2021! We have been working since the close of the 2020 season to prepare for our five 2021 events.


  • • April 3-4: Thunderhill Raceway DE and Club Race (3 mile)
  • • May 22-23: Buttonwillow Raceway DE and Club Race (CCCR will host its DE on Friday, May 21)
  • • July 3-4: Sonoma Raceway DE and Club Race
  • • September 25-26: Thunderhill DE and Club Race (3 mile) (Diablo Region will host its DE on Friday, September 24)
  • • October 9-10: Sonoma Raceway Club Race only (with NASA)


As we are still sharing the track with the C-19 virus, PCA, Diablo Region, and GGR have been working on a “lead-follow” instruction method, and we’re excited to bring it to you. Several of us worked on it at Thunderhill in November; we are co-hosting (with Diablo) more lead-follow instructor training at Thunderhill on February 5, so we are ready to implement it at our events in 2021. Given that lead-follow requires double the cars in track, we are, for now, limiting the number of Students each event to 10 maximum. We can still provide in-car instruction in situations where the instructor and student are either from the same household or the same “social bubble.” With the roll-out of the vaccines, we are also looking into the possibility of adding a “vaccinated” bubble. Stay tuned for that. We’ll announce something when we have worked out the details and our board approves its implementation.

Oh, To Be a Water Dragon:

Lastly (and least important), be it known that your track chair sold the mighty 914-6, and has taken a swig of the Boxster Kool-Aid. Your track chair has no idea what all that entails, but he is confident that the road ahead will be loads of fun with GGR. “Welcome to the 21st century” might be the simple answer.

Stay tuned to GGR emails, the Nugget, and Facebook for 2021 track season updates!


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