Hanging In There; Cows at the Cow Palace

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Hanging In There; Cows at the Cow Palace

As we approach six months (!) since the Covid pandemic and shutdown landed on us, a number of folks have asked me “Is 2020 over yet??!!”

Here’s hoping you and your loved ones are well and coping as best you can. Stay safe, and stay sane. Raging wildfires and smoke have made this all the more challenging.

At GGR, we are likewise continuing on and staying safe as best we can. We’ve had a number of Covid-safe autocrosses, but wildfires intervened for the latest one scheduled for yesterday. The Cow Palace (home to real rodeos and livestock shows) opened up to shelter livestock evacuated from fire areas. We are grateful the animals made it out and there was a place for them to go, but it did preclude running our autocross (notwithstanding the extra horsepower already on site!).

Extra horsepower on the GGR autocross site

We are likewise grateful to have found a wonderful, local venue at the Cow Palace, and that the staff at the Cow Palace has been wonderful to work with. If all goes according to plan (a dicey proposition these days), Redwood Region will be running on Saturday, September 19 and GGR will be in there on the 20th.

I’d also like to add a word of thank to the Golden Gate Lotus Club, Redwood Region PCA, and Loma Prieta region PCA for their cooperation with putting on autocross weekends (one day for them; one day for us). Sharing logistics, equipment, courses and cones greatly expedites setting up and taking down each event. (Note: the courses change a bit each day if you’re thinking of coming for both!) We look forward to working with RR for their upcoming event.

If you’re thinking of attending, do make sure you’re signed up for the announcement list on the GGR web site. Registration announcements go out to this list and registration fills up within minutes of opening. (Attendees are limited due to Covid restrictions.)

Meanwhile, the GGR track season officially kicked of last weekend with a PCA Club Race at Sonoma Raceway (née Sears Point).

Start of the sprint race at Sonoma Raceway.

Track chair Jim McClelland and his band of merry henchmen were on hand to oversee a flawless kickoff of the abbreviated season. They look forward to a 3-day Drivers’ Education and Club Race weekend at Laguna Seca this coming weekend. Thanks to Jim’s tireless efforts (possibly aided a little itching to just get out there!) the weekend is sold out!

Another source pulse-racing excitement (NOT!) is our regular board of directors meetings, which we’ve been holding via video conference. The board is keeping a close watch on the club’s safety and finances as we navigate these ever-changing times. We’ve made huge progress cleaning up and upgrading the club’s finances and financial management, as reflected in the first-ever publication of the club’s financial statements last month. We’ll continue to monitor the events and situation closely and plan what we safely can to close out this year.

We are hopeful we can have a safe and successful Porsche Redwood City Concours on Sunday, October 18th. Watch your email and calendar for news. If it happens (and we’re hoping it will), it will be a not-to-be-missed showing up Porsches. Thanks very much to owner Charlie Burton and general manager Todd Parkinson for hosting this event and working with us through the twists and turns to get there.

Likewise still on the calendar is our annual Volunteer Appreciation Day dinner at Chef Chu’s in Los Altos on Sunday, December 6th. At this event, we celebrate the efforts of the volunteers who make our events all year long possible. We’re on the calendar, but Chef Chu’s—as for all other restaurants—is not currently open for dining in. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for steady progress which will make an event possible.

On hold is having a fun run and finding a chair to restart the series. This will happen as soon as realities make it feasible and safe.

Thanks to all you club members for hanging in there with us through all of this. Please be assured we’re doing all we can to keep everyone safe and to get some good times rolling again.

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