Hack It Up, Or Leave it Be?

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Hack It Up, Or Leave it Be?

I’m very lucky to have three very, very different Porsches in my possession at the moment. The first is a 991.2 Carrera T, which has some factory options like Porsche Exclusive interior bits, but is otherwise bone stock. The second is a 991 GT3 that I use for track and autocross – this one is the opposite, with the doors and roof being pretty much the only things left stock (most body panels are from a GT3 Cup car, for instance). The third is a Cayenne used to haul my children and tow the GT3, since I’ve ruined that fine automobile for street use. 

Trust me that I’m not saying all of this to brag. I’m saying it because I wanted to highlight something that I absolutely love about our marque: that you can be perfectly happy with a completely stock Porsche, or you can make it reflect yourself either through options or modifications, and regardless of what you chose you can end up with a fantastic vehicle and will be welcomed into the Porsche community. Unlike a lot of marques, both paths are equally appreciated in the Porsche world, with modified examples able to command just as much as stock when cars change hands, and both styles of car winning just as many awards. You’ll see people walking around appreciating both stock and modified at shows, socials, and competitive events. 

You don’t have to go as extreme as I have with my GT3 either. Up until recently, I had a 1995 Carrera that had some simple, tasteful modifications like an RS front bumper. The package all together was hardly discernible as anything but stock, but yet really leveled-up the vehicle. I really miss that car, and I hope its new owner spent Valentine’s Day loving it as much as I did. 

All of this leaves you with the very tricky choice to either keep your Porsche as it came from the factory, or to put your mark on it. Hack it up, or leave it be? 

I will point out something I’ve learned from many, many hours, days, and years appreciating and observing Porsches though – in my experience, a completely, perfectly untouched Porsche as it came from Germany is incredibly rare, especially in the PCA circle. Almost all have at least a grill badge, window sticker, or license plate frame that adds just the tiniest touch of its owner to the mix.  I love that most Porsche owners feel such a connection to their car that they need to integrate just that little bit of themselves. It really speaks to how great the Porsche experience is. 

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration, might I suggest a GGR window sticker? Trust me, it’ll be the perfect touch to your Porsche, stock or modified. 

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