Golden Gate PCA Hits Europe

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Golden Gate PCA Hits Europe

For various reasons that are far too boring to go into here, the regions of the PCA and even PCA National aren’t able to host events outside of the US and Canada. That’s a shame, because while there are some great locations, roads, and tracks within those countries, there are some really fantastic experiences to be had across the pond too.

I was lucky enough last year to take part in a trip hosted by Ross Bentley of Speed Secrets to drive two amazing European tracks – the Nürburgring in Germany and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. To track junkies like myself, those tracks probably need no introduction, but for those that aren’t aware, we’re talking about two bucket-list tracks that are renowned the world over. But we weren’t there just to drive – Ross partnered with Euro Track Adventures and RSR Nurburg / RSR Spa to create an amazing event on track and off. Great food, great wine, great locations, and incredible people.

My first thought after that experience? I have to share this with GGR!

And so we did! Earlier this month, 10 Golden Gate PCA members and a few other new friends jetted off to Germany for a day at the Nürburgring, followed by two days at Spa, as well as all the off track delights one could imagine. The small town of Nurburg even threw us a curve ball: snow rolled in the day before and the day of our Nürburgring experience, but everyone agreed driving such an amazing track in periodic snowfall just added to the amazing experience.

I’d like to extend my thanks to Ross of Speed Secrets, Tom Roberts of Euro Track Adventures, and Ron Simon of RSR for putting together such an amazing trip for us. It even included Ross and Tom flying to San Francisco to have dinner and prepare the group for the challenge that awaited in person.

If you couldn’t join us, Speed Secrets is hosting another trip to the Nürburgring in August, including driving on a tourist day and a day on a closed track day. Ask any of us that went this month: it’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

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