GGR Tests Mobile AX Site

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GGR Tests Mobile AX Site

Nugget investigative reporters have learned that GGR has been working on a top secret project with DOD and DARPA to develop a mobile autocross site. Using the camera drone of GGR web designer Regis Vincent (fitted with a special range-extending battery from Tesla), GGR was able snap a photo of the prototype:

Mobile AX site

The operating advantages of this prototype are immediately apparent. It can move far enough offshore to evade local noise ordnances. For convenience, it can dock near wherever the current AX chair lives. It drastically reduces setup time because no course perimeter cones are required. And it increases the number of runs because it is no longer necessary to stop running cars when someone goes off the course. Lastly, being nuclear powered, it has a zero carbon footprint.

We expect this new innovation will catch on quickly with all coastal PCA regions but, once again, GGR was first!

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