GGR Plans for Safely Getting in Gear

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GGR Plans for Safely Getting in Gear

Here’s hoping that you and your loved ones are safely weathering this crisis. The twin forces of the pandemic and economic fallout from government reactions to the pandemic certainly beset us all. Thankfully, a six-mile wide asteroid is not heading for earth or we would be looking up what happened to the dinosaurs.

As the storm possibly—hopefully—passes, we at GGR have begun cautiously planning for the safe resumption of events. There is some news on a number of fronts.

Following the City of Alameda’s decision not to renew our permit to run there (and we thank the City for the many years they did allow us!), past and current autocross chairs Ed Hunter and Himanshu Patel have been diligently seeking other venues. As you might guess, big stretches of unobstructed pavement in the Bay Area are an endangered species. We were very pleased to get a promising response from the Cow Palace and are working on signing a contract to run there on June 28, August 29, and October 24. Thanks to Ed and Himanshu for their tireless efforts on this front. We’re hopeful this will be a start toward relaunching our autocross series. Actually, a Porsche is one of the very safest places to be in a pandemic: not only is it much faster than a virus, it has steering and brakes!

Social events may be more challenging, but we managed to get in one Zoom event to mark GGR’s “official” 60th anniversary on April 30th. A big thanks to Rob Neidel for shedding light on why this date is the “official” date: apparently, that’s the date the PCA Executive Committee met to vote on GGR’s petition to form a region (one of the first in PCA!). So there you go.

38 folks braved technology to join us for that event, which was organized by our Social Director Serena Cheng. Serena asked me to share a bit on the history of GGR. Club Historian Ralf Dossman was able to join us for that event, and the best part is most of the history of GGR is on our web site for you to look at! The listing of past club officers is here, past club award winners is here, and—unique among PCA—we have an online archive of past issues of The Nugget here. If you’re curious, the very first issue of The Nugget dating back to 1962 can be found here. It was also great to have members share stories of themselves and their cars.

Track Chair Jim McClelland has also been working on when people can finally start wearing down those tires and brake pads before they go stale. Two days at Laguna Seca (Drivers’ Ed only, 96 dB) are set for September 12-13 , and Drivers’ Education and a PCA Club Race are coming up on September 26-27. Registration is open and info and registration for both events can be found here.

Likewise, as restrictions are relaxed, we hope to resume with fun runs. We had one all set to go on March 22—but then the world changed. As soon as a path forward becomes evident, Himanshu has kindly agreed to get a fun run going, and on that event we’ll be looking for a new Motoring Director to take charge going forward. Candidates should have experience participating on fun runs so they know the drill, and an experienced team is in place to make the job fun and not too much work. Do drop me a line if you’re interested. Be the leader of your own pack!

That’s the news for this month. Do drop me an email for any reason or just to say “yo.”



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