GGR cautiously takes steps for Covid-safe activity

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GGR cautiously takes steps for Covid-safe activity

Following the county and then statewide shelter-in-place orders, all GGR events were canceled and all meetings conducted remotely. We had an online celebration of the 60th anniversary of the club’s charter being granted, online board meetings, etc. The question the club wrestled with—as did everyone—was what and how activity could proceed safely.

Much work at PCA National also tackled this topic. The priorities remain: (1) stay safe; and (2) comply with all applicable safety guidelines. Given those, what can we or can’t we do?

A key part of this (and one that no amount of procedures cannot substitute for) is responsible individual action. If you feel ill, have any Covid symptoms, or are more at risk for any reason, please stay home!

Then, for people who pass the self-test, what can we do safely?

Towards that aim, GGR has adopted (and PCA approved) a Covid safety event plan. It includes all the measures recommended or required for Covid safety. These include all things you probably know by heart: symptom screening, temperature checks, masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, touch-less procedures, etc. It contains provisions to remain compliant with changing recommended and required measures.

With this background, we cautiously moved forward with our first autocross of the season this past Sunday. Attendance was limited by the allowed number of people for a socially distanced outdoors event. All measures were in place and enforced.

Given all that, I think everyone would agree it was a lot of fun! We got a chance to finally get some laps in. Sure, your glasses or sunglasses were fogged up from the mask, but we do what we have to do to carry on in the time of corona. The featured photo shows the distanced cars parked in the paddock area.

Thanks to Himanshu Patel, Ed Hunter, Andrew Blyholder and the whole team for an outstanding day. Himanshu had every detail figured out and handled, Ed pitched in where needed, and Andrew designed a brilliant 2-lap course which was both challenging and easy to find on the first lap. No more “sea of cones!”

Cars running ranged from a 1967 911 to a 1974 914 to a Panamera GTS to the latest in GTs. Steve Lau and Tara Shapowal inaugurated a 2010 Cayman gutted to race car form. Ed Hunter was “The English Patient” in a car that look suspiciously non-Porsche-ish (must have been a prototype). All participants got eight runs at the course and—as Himanshu predicted—we were finished and packing up by 4 pm.

Thanks to the Cow Palace for the warm welcome and outstanding service. We look forward to going back there! Meanwhile plans proceed for our next autocross at Crow’s Landing in three weeks (see Himanshu’s blog).

One issue was not having our timing trailer there with all the needed equipment for an autocross. Thankfully, we coordinated with the Golden Gate Lotus Club to use some of their equipment from the day before and were able to make it work. We do need someone to tow the trailer to future auto crosses, so, if you may be interested, please email Ed Hunter. I’m sure Ed has some incentive in mind whose near-illegality prevents it from being mentioned here.

Our next event will be an in-person board meeting in two more weeks. After that, we have the annual Porsche Redwood City Concours at their location on Sunday, August 23. Preparations and planning are still proceeding on exactly how to conduct this event safely. An outdoor event, the cars are sure to be clean!

Next up will be our first track outing: a 103dB Drivers’ Education and PCA Club Race weekend at Laguna Seca September 5-6. Time to bring the loud car! Registration is open here.

In all these undertakings, our first three priorities remain: (1) safety; (2) safety, and (3) safety. Hope you can join us as prudence allows, and do feel free to give me a holler about anything at

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