GGR – Carlsen Porsche Autocross Event #2

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GGR – Carlsen Porsche Autocross Event #2

Mike Koozmin dominating in his 914-6 race car "Diedre"

Mike Koozmin dominating AX#2 in his 914-6 race car “Diedre”


Our second autocross of the year was also the first Zone Series autocross. We did a two day, back-to-back weekend at Marina Airport with GGR hosting Zone autocross #1 on Saturday, followed by LPR hosting Zone autocross #2 on Sunday. Conditions were near perfect on both days, with a bit of overcast in the morning, but quickly burning off for sunny skies and warm temperatures by mid-morning.

In the course of working up a course design for AX #1, Kevin Laird had come up with two different designs. We picked the one we liked best for event #1, but the other design was no slouch either, so we used that one for event #2. Per our usual habit, LPR then ran the course in the reverse direction for Sunday.

Special thanks to Tom Greathouse for volunteering to tow the timing trailer down to Marina. Tom is between autocross cars at the moment, so we don’t see a lot of him at our events these days. It was good to have him out with us again.

Those who remember Tom will also remember that he’s a first order foodie and always brings enough lunch food for a small army, including several sandwiches that make Dagwood Bumstead look like an anorexic. As it happened, Tom’s unique contributions were especially important Saturday as there was a glitch in the normal lunch sandwich ordering system and the deli failed to get our order. The current holder of the Zone Dummkoff award, Anne Roth from LPR, just happened to have the award plaque at the event, so autocross chair Andrew Blyholder was quickly awarded that august honor. Fortunately, between Tom’s largesse and a bit of generous sharing, everyone got something to eat and no one had to drive on an empty stomach.

We had 8 new PCA members participating in their first autocross for free, and a total of 65 drivers. The timing trailer crew keep the event running smoothly all day, so everyone got 12 runs and we finished a bit early at that. However, an early end to the real racing only meant that we could all adjourn to the bench racing at the bar at the Kula Ranch Island Steakhouse all the sooner!

Mike Koozmin put in a dominating performance, setting the top time for the day in only his 3rd run, and then taking the afternoon off, skipping his afternoon runs. Andrew Blyholder, Dave Dunwoodie, and Monty Pack were tightly packed behind him, all within a single tenth of a second, but their group wasl 0.8 seconds adrift. Mike was totally in control.

AX05 was another close battle, with Ed Hunter in his 997S nipping David Grieshaber’s Cayman S turbo by just 0.09 seconds. Both set their fastest times in the morning. David pushed all afternoon, but wasn’t able to squeeze any more out of the course.

Curtis Robertson three-wheeling on his way to a class win in AX12

Curtis Robertson three-wheeling on his way to a class win in AX12

Curtis Robertson continued on roll in AX12. He beat Terry Zaccone at the first event, and proved it was no fluke, taking Terry again by 0.7 seconds. It’s been years since anyone could seriously challenge Terry in his own class. Terry’s the one who suggested the invention of the sport of autocross to God as something to do on Day 7. He’s only been autocrossing his ’68 911 Targa, known to all as Marcel, since he purchased it new.

Pilar Miranda took Top Time for Ladies in a Mustang GT. Top lady in a Porsche was stalwart Sayuri Grieshaber in the #666 Cayman S turbo.


Andrew Blyholder
GGR Autocross Chair
Remaining 2015 GGR Carlsen Porsche Autocross Series Calendar

June 20, Saturday, Alameda Point
July 18, Saturday, Alameda Point
August 30, Sunday, Alameda Point
September 13, Sunday, Marina Airport
October 17, Saturday, Alameda Point
Novermber 14, Saturday, Alameda Point

Thanks to Paul Smith for the great photos!

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