Fun Run New March 2017

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Fun Run New March 2017

By D. Michael Griffin, VP/Motoring Director

Our 1st FunRun of the year was enjoyed by 35 cars and 50 peeps, under clear, cool skies, all the way down Hwys 25/198 from Hollister to Harris Ranch. Road kill totals: one Jack Rabbit and one Ground Squirrel [by me].

As expected, we did cross paths with the Sequoia Region’s road tour, but we didn’t stop for pix like we did last year. Drat!

Meanwhile, George Neidel, who was Sweep at the tail-end of the very last Run Group, tells a great story about decelerating as the group came into the town of Coalinga. According to George, a local cop pulls him over saying, “You were going 45 in a 35.” Cop then says, “I stopped you because you were the last car, and I didn’t want to have to chase down all those other Porsches. And then you have such a cute little red car, I just wanted to take a better look at it. Now, go tell your pals to slow down and we’ll be good, here. Have a nice day.” Moral to the story: get yourself a cute little red, classic 911 and go slow in Coalinga!

Hey, we a great drive… Come join the FunRun crowd at our next drive on March 18th.

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