First drive impressions of 718 Cayman GT4!

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First drive impressions of 718 Cayman GT4!

…is what I would have loved to read about, but instead you’re getting to read a quick summary from around the club.  The Board was not able to meet this month due many scheduling conflicts. Shocking and horrifying, I know. Even more shocking is that the Board consists of actual human beings with things to do outside of running the club, and they’re not, as has been rumored, Disney-like automatons that come to life once a month to grandstand and debate ala British Parliament.

Since this is not an official record of anything that was actually discussed in person, and instead a summary of some other email summaries, I’m taking some huge liberty to color outside the lines.

So, what’s been happening?

There are still just north of 3,500 members in the GGR region of PCA.  3,503 to be exact. Literally only 3 counties covered in geographical area, and yet that many people and Porsche’s.  Crazy, right? Welcome to all our new members! While we can’t officially vote for you to approve your membership until next month, rest assured you should still come out and play with us at any of our upcoming events.  

Our Membership Director actually does quite a lot more than just sending emails to our new members, he’s also our hook-up for club swag and also our dealer liaison.   I mention those not just to salute Captain Mike for all his hard work, but because as a part of his update he indicated there are 100 shirts are ready for AX school June 22nd, and that the Concours at Porsche of Redwood City (formerly Carlsen), is coming August 4th.

Preparations for the much enjoyed and massive 3-day trip to Mammoth Lakes went off without a hitch.  No Mammoths were harmed in the making of this event. Attendees are coming to this event from all over : SoCal, adjacent states, and apparently from other parts of the USA not actually connected to California.  That’s how cool this event is, folks. Try it some time, if you can (that includes your humble narrator).

In somewhat serious news (sorry) a few of the events planned for July and August have had to be redesigned to account for some of the roads not being in tip-top shape due to recent weather and climate and effects thereof.

I wish I could write more, but I wasn’t given much to work with.  Both AX4 and the AX school (June 22-23) are sold out with a huge waiting lists.  SOLD OUT! We truly love to hear that y’all love our AX events to much.

Also, there’s still some space left to register for the upcoming July autocross at the moment.  Get a spot before they’re gone!

The Track Director and crew are gettin’ ready for Kahuna Laguna July 18-21!  103 dB! Vintage! Cups! Spec! Enduro! Golf carts!

Perhaps golf cart racing?  Polo? Jousting? Who knows!

Below you’ll find a picture from Jim, demonstrating how he details his car every weekend.

I usually like to lead with “bad news” first so we can end on a happy note.  


Apparently, summer is a busy time for everyone, despite my commute getting easier due to less school-day traffic.  Do to that apparent busy-ness, registration for our Porsche Trivia night on June 22 was a bit lower than we wanted, so we’ve had to cancel for now.  We will try and reschedule for fall or winter when we get more of your undivided attention. In the meantime, you get more time to study.

For upcoming events, there’s a lot being planned.  Some highlights:

July – the seventh month, but named for Julius Caesar; this becomes important later:
RSS Motorsports enjoyed our previous time together, so they’re going to host another meet and greet at their San Jose garage and lead a drive to Byington Winery, where GGR will host a lunch.  Mark your calendars for either July 13 or 20.

August – named for Augustus; be patient:
In the works is a happy hour or dinner after Werks Reunion 8/16, hopefully at the Inn at Spanish Bay at Pebble Beach.  Sweet digs!

September – derived from the Latin for seven, but it’s the ninth month!  You’d have thought that the Caesar’s would just drop their named on the end of the calendar to keep the monthly numerical sequence going, but NO.  Ancient Romans, am I right?:
There is the potential for two events this month.  Perhaps a Sunday brunch at the San Francisco Yacht Club.  Also perhaps an autumn harvest social weekend down in beautiful Paso Robles, replete with dinners, lunches, cheese (actual food, not my typed drivel) and wine!  Pencil in September 14 and 15 on your calendars.

October – derived from the Latin for 8.  See above for my rant:
We’re still looking to host a family friendly picnic for the club.  Our preferred date was booked, so we’re seeing what else is out there.  Current code name is “Grid and Griddle”. Pancakes?

November – Latin for 9.  Notice a pattern? I’m sad about it, frankly:
Why not book-end the year with another trip to Thomas Fogarty winery?  We started our Fun Runs with a trip there this year, and seems like a natural way to end it.  We have a hold on two dates in mid-November, and are thinking about a multi-hour affair with delicious wine and a catered dinner.

That’s all for now folks.  We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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