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Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
March 2017, Volume 57, Issue 2


The OSCARS! This was the night we celebrate the work of film artists: directors, actors, cinematographers, costume and production designers, composers and more who dedicate their lives to sharing with us visions of the human experience to enrich, inform, and entertain us--and to conceptualizing and communicating truths about the challenges, issues, and emotions we all struggle with each day.

I celebrated in Givenchy lace with a little space in front to enjoy some snacks. ;)  Here's hoping Oscar Night was a special one for you and your loved ones, too!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message

Andrew F Happy New Year!

--by Andrew Forrest, GGR President

Andrew will be back with a column next month. --Ed.





Membership Report
--by Capt. Mike Sherman, USN-Ret.
Membership Director  
February Membership News    


February 2017 GGR Membership News Posted under: Membership Capt. Mike (AKA) Capt. Michael Terry "Patrick" Sherman, USN-Ret. Membership Director GGR Regional Summary Primary Members  2,127 Affiliate Members  1,030 Life Members          6 Total Members  3,163 New/Transferred Members - Total:  48   The Wearin' of the Green By the time this blog[...]...More»




Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

March Autocross Report       


The autocross season is getting tantalizingly close for those of us addicted to the smell of race gas in the morning dawn. The first event is set for Sunday, March 19th, at Alameda Point.  Time to get the car tuned up and aligned, the sticky tires mounted, and quickly re-read[...]...More»



Motoring / Social News
Michael Griffin

--by Michael Griffin, VP / Motoring Director with Bern
Bern Beecham
Beecham, Social Director 

Fun Run to Harris Ranch            

The Golden Gate Region kicked of its 2017 FunRun season with 40 Porsches taking the scenic Hwys 25/198 route from Hollister, through Coalinga, to Harris Ranch Restaurant.  In spite of all the storms of the previous weeks, the roads were open and dry, with only a few spots of debris. [...]...More»


Board Minutes

February 22, 2017 

--by Brian Emmett, Secretary 


Board Meeting Minutes Feb 22, 2017 Present: Andrew Forrest, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Sherman, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, Brad Kellett, Bryan Phan and Brian Emmett Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 18:25 pm. Call for agenda changes: None Call for calendar changes: None Postmortem of events: Instructor[...]...More»



Track News

Richard French
--Richard French, Track Director

 Spring Classic at Thunderhill Raceway March 18-19, 2017  


GGR will be offering two days of track time and a Porsche Club Race at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, California. First time drivers are welcome to sign up for instruction and receive expert training for a ridiculously low price! (You do need to bring your own car.  :) This is a great excuse to get new tires and freshen up the brakes. Click for more information[...]...More»




In the Zone

--by Sandy Provasi, Zone 7 rep

In The Zone Mark your calendar for the Zone 7 Tour-Tri Region. Registration is open. The Zone 7 Tour will start in Redwood Region, travel up north to Shasta Region, then over and down towards Sacramento Region over 4 days. We are hoping to expand the tour in the future[...]...More»




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CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

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