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Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
March 2016, Volume 56, Issue 2
 New 911 Launch Party at Carlsen Porsche!

On Friday, April 8 from 4 - 8 pm come on by Carsen Porsche to see the brand new 911 and enjoy food, drink, entertainment and some Porsche freebies! Cost is FREE!



For the Oscars, I prefer something classical, timeless and comfortable so that those photos on the red carpet look just as great ten years from now as they do today.

This year, i thankfully had a stop in Paris on my way back from a meeting with the Porsche executives (Dr. Blume has just so much he needs my advice on!) so I could do a final fitting on a simple black Chanel gown with ruffled collar and skirts. The bill was trivial compared to renting Laguna Seca for my birthday, so I immediately hushed my human when he started to protest.

It was a wonderful evening, though rats in the theatre were regrettably scarce. You'd think the cast of Cats had been in the house!

Hope you also had an Oscar-winning evening!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message
Andrew F
--by Andrew Forrest, GGR President

February 2016     


I've just attend the Zone 7 Presidents' Meeting for Winter 2016 presided over by our able and tireless Zone 7 Representative - Sandy Provasi.  I learned a lot about goings-on in the zone and want to share some of that with you here. In addition to discussing the large number[...]...More»

Membership Report


--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  


GGR Regional Summary   



April  2016 GGR Membership News Posted under: Membership Capt. Mike (AKA) Capt. Michael Sherman, USN-Ret. - Membership Director GGR Regional Summary Primary Members  2,002 Affiliate Members  1,027 Life Members          7 Total Members  3,036 New/Transferred Members - Total: 40   911 Launch Event at Carlsen Porsche:  The new 2017 911 Carrera comes[...]...More»



Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

March Autocross Report             


The autocross season starts this month, so naturally I need to write something to explain what autocross is all about and encourage those that haven't tried it yet to come on out.   For inspiration, I was re-reading my article from last year, and honestly, I thought it was pretty[...]...More»





Motoring / Social News

--by Michael Griffin, Social & Motoring Director 


March 2016        


By D.Michael Griffin, VP/Motoring director A Technicolor FunRun is what we had on Sat. 2/27: BLUE sky, WHITE wisps of fog, EMERALD carpeting wall to wall on the hills, YELLOW field flowers and a sea of PINK nut trees blooming their tops off in the San Joaquin Valley. Oh, yeah,[...]...More»




Board Minutes
February 18, 2016     


--John Celona lieu of Cheryl Klein, Secretary 



Present: Andrew Forrest, Larry Adams, Michael Sherman, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Griffin, Bern Beecham, John Celona. Call to Order: the meeting was called to order at 7 pm. Call for agenda changes: none Call for calendar changes: none Postmortem of events 2/6/15 Boxster Brunch: well-attended. Directors' Reports President: there will be[...]...More»


Track News

Richard French
--Richard French, Track Director

March 2016 Track News


The Golden Gate Region's track team is kicking off our full 2016 season in early March with a Driver's Ed (DE) / PCA Club Race at Thunderhill Raceway Park on the weekend of March 12-13. We'll be running the favored 3 mile configuration with the cyclone. To register for DE please[...]...More»

News Nuggets

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Thanks for reading! Have your human take their Porsche out and drive it!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

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