The Nugget
Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
July 2016, Volume 56, Issue 6


With the change of seasons, it is so important to freshen up throughout with a change of fabrics. Just like you, a house is alive and needs to be renewed with fresh looks!

I prefer to layer fabrics for a more luxurious and comfy feel and look. For the master suite, I went with a traditional, white quilted bedspread printed with a subtle floral pattern in shades of pink and an orange throw to go on top. With a beautiful backdrop, it's easy to look good in front of it!

Here's hoping the official arrival of summer also has you enjoying fresh fabrics and looks!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message

Andrew F Summer already!

--by Andrew Forrest, GGR President

It's amazing to me that we're already to summer in 2016. GGR has already held over twenty events this year ranging from autocross to social to track and of course including, the less exciting but still necessary, board of directors' meetings. ...More>>

Membership Report
--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  
June Membership News    

The annual Carlsen Porsche AX School now is scheduled for Saturday July 23, 2016. This really is a beginners school for Porsche GGR members who have never autocrossed , or only a few times. If you have ever wondered what it is like to experience driving your Porsche on the edge (but safely in control) then this is the time and place to learn - and have a blast doing it! [...]...More»
Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

AX#3 Autocross Report             

Our May event was so close to the end of the month that it wasn't possible to get the results compiled before the last Nugget's deadline, so I'll catch you up this month.  Just like in May, our June event was also late in the month that the report on that event will have to wait until the next issue.[...]...More»
  Carlsen Porsche Beginner's Autocross School

The annual Carlsen Porsche GGR beginner's Autocross School is scheduled for Saturday July 23, 2016. The school is really for beginners or members who have autocrossed only a few times. If you have ever wondered what it is like to experience driving your Porsche on the edge (but safely in control) then this is for you. This is a good safe place for drivers to learn about the handling of their Porsche.[...] More>> 
Motoring / Social News
Micheal Griffin

--by Michael Griffin, VP / Motoring Director with Bern
Bern Beecham
Beecham, Social Director 
June 2016        

 Mammoth Lakes is usually thought of as THE resort for LA skiers. But now it's an annual destination for NorCal regions, wanting to see what it looks like on the other side of the Sierras. This year the event pulled as many as 90 Porsches, ~130 drivers and passengers, from 10 different PCA regions: Golden Gate, Diablo, Redwood, Sac Valley, Yosemite, Sequoia, Sierra NV, Vegas, Orange Coast, Central Coast.[...] More>>

Board Minutes


Board of Directors minutes will appear in the next issue of The Nugget. --Ed.  




Track News

Richard French
--Richard French, Track Director


Richard will be back with track news next month. --Ed.  

In the Zone

--by Sandy Provasi, Zone 7 rep

The Zone Concours series started off well with the LPR Partsheaven Concours and Swap Meet on June 5th. There were 33 judged cars and another 26 on display. The Swap Meet went to the end of the block with a great turnout, too [...]...More»
News Nuggets

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Thanks for reading! Have your human take their Porsche out and drive it!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

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