The Nugget
Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
March 2015, Volume 55, Issue 2
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CoCo audit

As I was going through The Nugget office files, I was reminded that many readers don't realize The Nugget is an all-volunteer organization. There is no staff, much less paid staff. Only one club member just like you!

I am nonetheless forever receiving emails from people asking me to update their email address, etc. Please remember there are 4,600 of you, one of me, and I do need to keep up with my nap time. Just click the "Join our Mailing List" button to the left when you need to enter a new email address. I am getting sleeping just thinking about this...

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message
Richard French
--by Richard French, GGR President

Richard has been in Europe and will be back with a column next month. --Ed. 


Membership Report


--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  


GGR Regional Summary - February 2015  


2015...Off and Running: What will the new year bring?  Will it ever rain?  Why not?  Where are my keys? Too many questions and I'm sure that by now your new year's resolutions are totally busted.  So you didn't go to the gym!  So what? [...]...More�


Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

Intro to Autocross      




The autocross season is getting tantalizingly close for those of us addicted to the smell of race gas in the morning dawn.  The first event is set for March 22nd, at Marina Airport.  Time to get the car tuned up and aligned, the sticky tires mounted, and quickly re-read "Secrets[...]...More�



Social & Tour News
Motoring / Social Report

--by Michael Griffin, Social & Motoring Director 


How Green Was Our Valley  


What a day, what weather, what scenery, what a great bunch of GGR peeps! Here we are in Hollister, getting ready to grid-up for our Drive to Coalinga and lunch at Harris Ranch. These four beauties were just a few of the 32 cars that enjoyed our first Fun Run[...]...More�


Board Minutes
February 18, 2015    


--by Bill Benz, Secretary, Past President, Lifetime Member, and Lots of Other Stuff  


Call to Order President French called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at the home of the Social Director in Palo Alto.  The Board was joined by GGR member, Bern Beecham. The entire Board was present except for the Track Event Chair who forwarded a report of the Instructor Training[...]...More�



Track News

--Tim Smith, Track Director
--report by Heath Spencer, Registrar

Registration Open for Thunderhill March 28-29; Schedule for West Coast Club Racing Series

Hello Driving enthusiast!! It is that time of year where you should be thinking about dusting off your car and getting ready for your first outing! I know of some people who recently got a jump on us as California is having a non winter once again. Which allows for[...]...More�



News Nuggets

Got to get one of these... 

Porsche Cayman GT4 | INSIDE evo
Porsche Cayman GT4 | INSIDE evo

Porsche Pets Rule!


My human does spend ever so much on that funny two door German car. Obviously, pillows and binkies come first in the budgeting process!


Thanks for reading! Have your human take their Porsche out and drive it!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor