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December 2015, Volume 55, Issue 9
Carlsen Porsche


This is the time of year when I make my outdoor excursions brief and vigorous and begin my rotation of indoor nap spots. Of course, I prefer things warmer than my humans typically keep my house, so I had them install a fireplace--though sometimes I do have to sit there for ever so long before they finally light it. Humans!

Though they are mostly considerate about the noise level when I'm napping, occasionally they put something loud on the telly with Tom Cruisenip or Jean Cat van Damme. If it's just too much, I send them off to look at the "TireRack" (whatever that is), which seems to keep them occupied for hours!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message
Richard French
--by Richard French, GGR President


December 2015    


I've served as president of the Golden Gate Region of the PCA for the past two years and now it's time to hand over the reigns to a new president - Andrew Forrest. Two years ago I set myself five goals: The first was to modernize the external look of the club by updating our website and communications. ...More»




Membership Report


--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  


GGR Regional Summary   



Capt. Mike will be back with a new membership report next month. --Ed.



Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

GGR-Carlsen Porsche Autocross #9           


  The Bay Area is truly an autocross paradise. A mid-November event, and we were treated with crystal clear, sun-filled blue skies. Most of us pessimists brought extra layers, expecting at least a cooler day. It was a bit chilly as we started the course setup in the late fall[...]...More»






Motoring / Social News

--by Michael Griffin, Social & Motoring Director 


December 2015       


Calling all radio heads, we could use some help here. One of the challenges in operating a FunRun event is dealing with communication, while en route. Maybe I should say "lack of communication" to be more precise. While we've tried the standard Motorola and Cobra walkies, these low powered FRS[...]...More»



Board Minutes
November 18, 2015    


--John Celona in Memory of Bill Benz, Secretary, Past President, Lifetime Member, and Lots of Other Stuff    



November 18, 2015 Present: Larry Adams, Michael Sherman, Andrew Blyholder, Michael Griffin, Bern Beacham, Andrew Forrest, John Celona, Richard French The meeting was called to order at 6:45 pm. Agenda changes: None Calendar changes: None Post Mortem of Events 10/24-25 DE with NASA: 35 cars from GGR registered and participated[...]...More»

Track News

--Tim Smith, Track Director

December 2015 Track News


Hello Track enthusiasts.  This will be my last blog post as Chair of the PCE GGR Track program.  It's been a great three years running the program, and I've really enjoyed it. Great team, and so many friends and acquaintances made. Over those three years we've run 22 DEs and[...]...More»



News Nuggets
Revolutionary Porsche Parking System

We all are or have been there: not enough space to park all the cars. The existing garage isn't big enough and you've already installed the lifts (which your spouse hates). The City doesn't like the idea of adding a four-story parking structure. Your neighbors want an utterly unreasonable sum to buy their house, tear it down, and build a suitable garage and workshop. And paying to store your cars elsewhere eliminates the fun of spending cozy evenings at home dusting the cars and tasting scotch.

Leave it to the Wizards of Weissach to come to the rescue. The revolutionary new Porsche Parking System easily puts three cars on what is now your front lawn in its base configuration, and has options to accommodate up to 30 vehicles. Plus it comes in all the usual Porsche optional finishes, including burl, titanium, and carbon fiber with red stitching.

Read all about it here.

Finally: no reason not to own and enjoy the entire collection you've always dreamed of! 

Photo Roundup

Here's a roundup of photos from some of the big big big really big Porsche events this year. Hope you got to see some of them in person!

Rich Tsai & Erik Bonney's photos from Rennsport Reunion:

David Leong's photos from Rennsport:

Antonio Dias' photos from Rennsport:
Antonio Dias' photos from Werks Reunion:

Rich Tsai's photos from Monterey Motorsports Reunion:


Click the title or image above to read the November 2015 issue of Porsche Panorama online. 

Letters to the Editor

Dear CoCo,

I just wanted to let you know that you aren't alone. I am 19+ and every time the vet sees me he remarks that he can't believe that I am really 19!  I just had an "unfortunate" so I am confined, but I refuse to wear those silly "collars".  That is a good idea you have but I won't let my humans share my lair with anyone.. especially not another ... younger.. black kitty [do you think I am nuts?!!!!].

Thanks for all the work you do with The Nugget. It must tough cracking the whip to get John to put it out on time.... ..  Geeze.. humans. What are we gonna do about them?

Since I am a fan I asked my human to take a shot of me but he insisted it is current, so please pardon my temporary situation. Usually I am a lot prettier and more graceful.

Best to you,

[also known as "Chairman Mau"] 

Thanks for reading! Have your human take their Porsche out and drive it!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

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