Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
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Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
November 2014, Volume 54, Issue 9
Carlsen Porsche
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The election for a Nugget Editor is indeed on. Frankly, I'm looking forward to result as the tedium of producing this newsletter is cutting into my shopping and nap time. It was so difficult to schedule the time for a trip to Paris for a fitting for my Halloween costume.

Possibly soon we'll see the results and I will at last get a new minion into the harness. I've not had time to do my nails, either.

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message
Richard French
--by Richard French, GGR President

The results of the Golden Gate region Board of Directors election and update to the bylaws are in. We had 105 members vote, approximate 6% of our membership. All candidates received over 90% and the bylaws update passed with 102 votes for, 1 against and 2 abstentions. Vice President Membership[...]...More�




Membership Report


--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  


GGR Regional Summary - October 2014 


We're Number One! No, I don't mean the Giants...but of course, we are.  I mean in the PCA's Membership Contest.  We're first in Actual Growth and still in the running (Top 5) for Factored Growth.  What's this? Well, in 1990, PCA implemented a campaign[...]More...�




Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

GGR AX6 2014   



Event #6 in the Carlsen Porsche GGR Autocross Series was held at Marina Airport on Saturday, August 16.  This was the first day of a back-to-back weekend, with an LPR event on Sunday.  Both events were also Zone Series events. By Marina standards, the weather was positively balmy.  A bit[...]...More�

GGR AX7 2014   


Event #7 in the Carlsen Porsche GGR Autocross Series was a replay of the previous August event featuring another weekend of back-to-back days of racing in conjunction with Loma Prieta Region at the Marina Airport site.  This time LPR took the lead hosting on Saturday, Sept. 20th, with GGR running[...]...More�


Click here for AX photos. 



Social & Tour News
Motoring / Social Report for September 2014

--by Michael Griffin, Social & Motoring Director 


Friday Night Social 


A dozen members met up at Harry Hofbrau for the October Friday night social. The conversations revolved around Porsche, fun runs, baseball, archery and the Formula 1 race at COTA. The Friday night social is hosted by George and Shirley Neidel. It takes place from 6pm to 8pm on the third Friday of[...]...More�


Fun Run to Wine Country 


Try this for a hoot: mix 32 cars, 55 people, a glorious day driving a curvy road with ocean views... and end up with lunch at a winery. All I can say is, "Wow, did we have fun!" This was our first attempt at a FunRun to Wine Country and[...]...More�



Board Minutes
October 30, 2014    


--by Bill Benz, Secretary, Past President, Lifetime Member, and Lots of Other Stuff  


Call to Order President French called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at the home of the Social Director in Palo Alto. The President reminded the Board that this meeting had been noticed in the last Nugget as the 2014 Annual Meeting of the membership.  He welcomed member Bern Beecham[...]...More�



Porsche Pets Rule

Elton says Hi! GGR Member Elton V. Dawgone says hello from the pumpkin to which his 914-6 is color-matched. Elton also included a photo with his pets Amanda and Jason, who he says are very good at not shedding too much in the car-though they do like to lean out[...]...More�

The Hidden Workshops of Porsche Classic

The Hidden Workshops of Porsche Classic - /DRIVEN
The Hidden Workshops of Porsche Classic - /DRIVEN

News Nuggets

Porsche Announces Water-Cooled Wheel 

Well those Wizards of Weissach have been at it again. First came the water-cooled front engine cars (the 924/944/968 and 944), then water cooling was extended to the mid- and rear-engine cars. Now, the water cooling magic has been extended even farther with an automotive first: the Water Cooled Wheel.[...]...More�



Porsche's Secret Prototype Warehouse
Porsche secret prototype warehouse
Porsche secret prototype warehouse

That will do it for this month. Next month, I expect to resume my executive supervisory role with my designated minion John Celona tightly strapped back into the harness. This should leave me more time for napping and sharpening my nails.

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor