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June 2014. Volume 54, Issue 5
In This Issue
The Carlsen Concours
President's Message
Letter from the Editor
Membership Report
Board of Directors
Autocross News
The Famous Annual Porboys Beginners Autocross School
Track News
The Power Chef
Motoring / Social Director's Report
Monterey Parade Info!
Rally School & Rally June 1
Niello Zone 7 Concours June 8
Concours in Paradies July 13
Werks Reunion Monterey August 15
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CoCo Giselle, CG
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The Carlsen Concours    


President's Message   
Richard French --by Richard French, GGR President


Another amazing month for the Golden Gate Region. We got to see tanks and missile launchers at the tour of the tank museum in Portola Valley, enjoyed a fun run and box lunch as we listened to the roar of over 30 Porsche's in the route one devils slide tunnel, twisted through an Autocross course on a hot Saturday in Alameda, and enjoyed getting our cars dusty in Buttonwillow during a DE/TT/Club Race.


As Parade approaches in mid June, some of us will be attending for the first time while others will be catching up with friends from throughout the country. We have nearly 200 participants from GGR and over 600 participants from Zone 7. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces from within the region and from across the country.


Our Website

We have started building our new website. The goal of the website is to make it easier for members to find out more about our events, our sponsors and our history. We hope to attract new members to our club through the site and get even higher levels of participants at our events. By modernizing the website you'll be able to subscribe to calendars, easily view galleries of photos and videos and see all the current news. We've found a lot of the photos from earlier years (before the current website) and will be loading them over the the next few weeks and months.


Your help

We are currently looking for video and photo content. I know a lot of you have GoPro cameras that you use at track events, Autocross, fun runs and other club activities. If you have some videos you'd like to share please send them to me (via Dropbox or via a link to the video on YouTube). Please include information about your car, where you were and how you'd like to be mentioned on the website.


If you've got photos of past events and you'd like to see them on the new website please send them to me too. My email address is GGRPresident@gmail.com.


If you'd like to contribute articles to our new site they would be welcome. We are looking for articles about your experiences that we can post to the GGR blog. These can be tech tips, explanation about Autocross or track experiences, updates about social gatherings etc. Michael Sherman our Membership Chair has agreed to help edit any article and work with you before it's published. Make sure you've got lots of photos to accompany these articles.


Our goal is to have the website up and running before Parade. With your help we hope to be able to meet this goal.



kahlers 3

Letter from the Editor  
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--by John Celona, Nugget Editor
Not too much to add here: getting ready for opening night at Smithwick Theatre!

Self-Service on Email Addresses, Please!

Every month I get a few or sometimes many emails from readers about updating their email addresses. First, thanks for wanting to stay in touch! Second, there is no staff here! There's only CoCo and I doing this each month, and there are over 3,000 folks subscribing to The Nugget.

Accordingly, to send The Nugget to any email address you like or to unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any issue of The Nugget. There's one option at the bottom that says:

These should be able to take care of you.

My apologies at the folks who get irritated with their change requests via reply emails not getting handled. I would cuss out the staff--but I don't have any! 


Thanks for reading.   


Membership Report

--by Capt. Mike Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary

April 2014 



Primary Members    1,648

Affiliate Members     1,038              

Life Members                  7  

Total Members          2,693

New/Transferred Members --total: 56 including Affiliate/Family


PCA Website: If you haven't seen the new website that PCA has launched, go take a look:  www.pca.org.  Very nice and quite functional...when you do get there, remember that they require you input a new password...and yes, I got caught in that trap as well. The new website lets us at our local level manage and organize our member data real time. We encourage you to keep familiarizing yourself with the site, and if you run into any problems, please report them to admin@pca.org.



Badges: Member badges will be provided free to all those members/affiliates who RSVP and attend "new member" social events. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping.   To order your badges fill out the form on our website at http://www.pca-ggr.org/membership/badges and email back to Spotlight Impressions at sales@spotlightimpressions.com.











Logo-wear: The GGR Webstore is online and ready. Locate it on the PCA website at www.pcawebstore.com/GOLDEN%20GATE. Just log in to create an account and get shopping.


Remember - Every club benefits from new ideas, new enthusiasm and new approaches. We're always looking for help in that department as well as volunteers. Send us your ideas - email, survey input, etc. - we'll look at them all.


Make sure you take the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/85KY3PS . 


Thanks to our membership we had 73 renewals over the past month. Here's an idea: when you park next to that Porsche, ask him/her if they belong to GGR - if not, ENLIST THEM! On my walks/bike rides I'm always looking for that unaffiliated Porsche...got two this month!


Cheers and all the best, Capt. Mike


Welcome to Our 56 New/Transferred April Members!

Susan Blanco                                                 2012 911 S Black

Amir Bonakdar                                               2000 911/996 Green

Edward Brown                                               1987 911 Silver

Fabrice Centeno & Christian Yavorsky          2006 911 Silver

YC Cheng & Sheron Li                                  1963 356B T6

Yoeman Fong & Garrett                                 2006 Cayman White

Mathew & Christina Marie Freiheit                2004 911 type 9 Gray

Ted Jackson                                                  2010 Cayman White

Xin Jin (CCC)                                                2001 911 Turbo Silver

Richard Jones                                               2004 Cayenne S Tan

Clennita Justice & Robert Bogle                   2006 911 Silver

James Klima                                                  2004 Carrera 91 Silver

Lloyd Leonard & Laura Reed (CCC)             1982 911SC White

Robert & Lora Loggie (CCC)                         2001 Carrera C4 Silver

Michael Lucek                                               1996 993 Black

Ken Martin                                                     2011 GT3 Blue

Eric & M McLeod                                           2014 911 TTS Silver

Brian Mintun                                                  2005 997.1 Red

Patrick & Robert Mueller                               2002 Boxster Gray

Colm & Bernadette Murphy                           2002 911 C4 Blue

Ronan O'Mahony & Blake Joerger                 2009 911 Blue

James & Kathy Paver                                     1985 Carrera Red

Phuong Quang & Anthony Yin                        2014 Cayman S White

Adam Reak (CAI)                                           1975 911S Red

Devan Rosdahl                                                2007 911 4S Silver

Thomas & Bev Schatzel (CAS)                      1978 930 White

Mark Solle & Susan Cook                               2005 911

Ronald Swenson                                             2010 GT3 Red

Tye Tolentino,                                                  2007 GT3 Silver

Scott Williams & Tei Baishiki                           2011 911 TurboS Black

Dave Wu                                                         2001 Boxster S Silver

Todd & Monique Armstrong    (SDO)             1979 911 SC

1986 944 Turbo

1979 911 SC  

Asim Khan (DIA)                                            1985 911 Carrera

Richard Park & Jennie Best (LVS)                 1987 911 Carrera Purple

1987 911 Carrera Black

2009 Cayenne Gray

1970 914-6 Orange

1984 911 Carrera Red

Roger Pujol (RED)                                        1972 911 Silver

Diron Scot, (DIA)                                           1996 Porsche Black

1997 Carrera Silver

Tom Unthank & Howard Whitney (SDO)      1986 911 Carrera



Congratulations to our May 2014 Anniversary Members!

The GGR Board would like to thank you for your commitment to PCA and to the Golden Gate Region on this anniversary of your PCA membership. You are among the 2,600+ GGR members from more than 15 countries and represent the bedrock of this organization. Committed members such as you continue to make us one of the largest and most recognized regions in the PCA world. We are proud to have you as members and thank you again for your commitment to GGR. We look forward to mingling/racing with you in the years to come.


45 Years - 1969

Ingrid Lang

Roberta Reid


35 Years -1979

Edward Finsilver                                            1971 911   Targa                                                               

DennisTholen                                                 2004 GT-3 Yellow                        


25 Years - 1989

Urs Rieder                                                      1962 356



20 Years - 1994

Charles Fintel                                                1972 914                                       

Gary Jones                                                    1973 911T Yellow                        

Jill Matuszak                         

Margarita Slevin                                 


15 Years - 1999

Brian Curran                                                   2012 Cayenne                        

John Hunter                                                   1961 356

Paul Jorgensen                                              1985 911 Carrera                    

Russell  Parman                                             1976 911



10 Years - 2004

Alex Berger                                       

Susan Brown                                      

JeffreyChing                                                   2004 911 Carrera Basalt Black                  

Linda Cox                                           

Armando Lacayo                                            2004 911 Artic Silver                  

Susan Lacayo                                     

Marianne Ruel                                               

Steven Ruel                                                   1999 911 Carrera Silver                        

Liz Williams                                       

Pete Williams                                                 1991 911 964T Red                            


5 Years - 2009

Larry Adams                                                   2014 911 GT3 White                          

Linda Adams                                      

Bob Braid                                                       2007 Cayman Black                          

John Braid                                          

Ric Coppes                                                    2008 CaymanS Black                          

Valerie Coppes                                              

Nancy Corbelletta                                          

Tony Corbelletta                                             2004 911 Carrera Gray                          

Richard DiNapoli                                            1962 356 Red                            

Rich Green                                                      2005 911 Carrera White                          

Bruce Jurcevich                                              

Bruce Jurcevich                                              2008 Cayman Red                            

Laurel Kane                                        

PatKane                                                          2009 Cayenne Brown                          

Christina Lam                                    

Jess Lee                                                         2005 Boxster S Silver                        

Beth Martin                                       

Jake Masters                                                  1973 911 Silver                        

Monty  Montgomery                                       1970 911E White                          

Chris Rife                                           

Ciaran Rochford                                              2003 911 Turbo Gray      


European Autotech
Please note new web site: europeanautotechsr.com
Board of Directors

GGR Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2014  


--by Bill Benz, Secretary 


Call to Order
            President French called the meeting to order on May 21, 2014 at 5:15 p.m. at Northern California's Premiere Porsche dealer CARLSEN Porsche  in Redwood City
            The following officers were present: President Richard French, Vice President Paul Larson, Treasurer Larry Adams, Social Chair Michael Griffin,  Membership Chair  Mike Sherman, Autocross Chair Andrew Blyholder, Webmaster Andrew Forrest, Track Event Chair Tim Smith and late-arriving Secretary Bill Benz.  Bern Beecham attended as a guest.
Agenda Changes - None.
Calendar Changes - None.
Postmortem of Past Events
            April 26 Tank museum tour was a sold out success.
            May 10-11  Drivers' Ed and Club Race at Buttonwillow was trouble free and on budget.
            May 17 Fun Run was well attended  and well received.     
Directors' Reports

            President -     Parade is coming to Monterey this coming June.  GGR will be a major presence with over 180 members registered.

            Vice President - Insurance  certificates are in place for:
            All remaining Alameda autocrosses (May 24, June 28-9, July 19, October 18 and November 15).
            Insurance is being ordered for:
            June 21-22 Drivers' Ed at Laguna Seca and
            July 12-13  Drivers' Ed/Club Race at Thunderhill.

            Treasurer - The Treasurer's report  was delivered and accepted.  The Treasurer is following up on a small amount of revenue accrued at the May Club race event but not yet received. Generally, we are on or better than budget.  

            Secretary -  Minutes of the April meeting were presented and approved.

            Social - The Social Director is looking into a tour to the 49's new Levis stadium.  Membership -  .  We have 2071 members. A list of new members was presented and approved.

            Autocross Cochairs. - New radios are being purchased.  An informal search for additional autocross sites continues.
Topic for Discussion.
We need to work on competition rules updates.
The next board meetings are scheduled for June 25, July20, and August 20.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.   

Autocross News


--by Andrew Blyholder, Autocross Co-chair  




Autocross Where?


I cynically didn't expect much response from my call last month for suggestions for new autocross sites, but did indeed get a number of very good suggestions and new ideas. Many thanks to those who responded. We will be pursuing all the ideas suggested in the coming months. And if anyone wants to take on the development of any sites or sites as a project, don't hesitate to contact me.


Tacos, Tacos, Wherefore Art Thou Tacos?


The taco truck that has been serving lunch at our autocrosses for the last several years has suddenly become unreliable, missing two of the first three events. My call for new autocross sites was such a crowd-sourcing success, I thought I'd try again on this subject: anyone know any good food truck businesses that would like to serve lunch to 100 hungry drivers on the occasional Saturday? Let me know.


991 Boxster & Cayman Base Points


Drivers of 991 Boxsters and Cayman have stated showing up to autocross events, but unfortunately, they weren't able to properly class their cars because we hadn't established base points for them in our classification system. That has now been rectified. And while we were at it, we went ahead and included base points for the new Macan models. So as soon as your new Macan gets delivered, bring it on out to an autocross!


The 991 base points were slow in coming because as an organization, we lost track of the magic spreadsheet with the mystical formula for calculating them. We've got that situation rectified now too, so hopefully we won't have any further delays in establishing base points for new models.


Andrew Blyholder



Autocross #3 Report - Rally-style

The Porsche Club of America Golden Gate Region autocross #3 turned out to be an action packed event as trying out a different section of the runway, on and off the tarmac, provided us with a rally-style competitive driving event. Complete with slight elevation changes, on and off camber turns, wide sweeping turn-arounds and plenty of varying road conditions throughout the course, drivers experienced just about every possible scenario in an autocross imaginable. What a blast.

Autocross in Paradise

The day started with a set of 4 runs per driver and afforded everyone with another set of three for the afternoon run groups, for a total of 7 runs. As if that wasn't enough, a large group of 20 or so folks stayed for an additional hour doing "FUN" runs. For those of you that don't know, FUN runs are a set of timed runs that do not count as the competitive portion of the event, rather just go out there and hammer the course for... well... FUN. The folks that stick around get to shag cones for each other and sometimes if there are not enough workers you just leave a cone knocked down and keep running. Heck, it's just for fun and it makes it a hilarious part of the challenge to come upon a misplaced cone and have to adjust accordingly. Overall, a wonderful event with fantastic people. What more can you ask for.

The top 5 seats (unofficially) went to:


Additional photos can be found here 



Mike Koozmin

#10 1973 Porsche 914-6GT 


Here's the schedule for the rest of the year: 

  • May 24th, Saturday, Alameda
  • June 28th, Saturday, Alameda (Autocross School on Sunday, Jun. 29th)
  • July 19th, Saturday, Alameda
  • August 16th, Saturday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Sunday, Aug. 17th)
  • September 21st, Sunday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Saturday, Sept. 20th)
  • October 18th, Saturday, Alameda
  • November 15th, Saturday, Alameda




The Famous Annual GGR Porboys Beginner Autocross School!!!!!!!!!!!
AX School Event Chair John Seidell


Announcing the Famous

Annual GGR Porboys Beginner Autocross School !!!!!!!!!



It is that time of year to start thinking about all of the great Porsche driving opportunities in 2014. On Sunday June 29, Howard Yao, and John Seidell will again run this school. It is really for beginners or people who have autocrossed only a few times. If you have ever wondered what it is like to experience driving your Porsche on the edge (but safely in control) then this is for you. This is a good safe place for drivers to learn about the handling of their Porsche.


The school will be on the large North runway area of the old Alameda NAS (just past the Alameda Ferry Terminal). The day begins at 7:30 AM with registration, teching of cars, and then a driver's meeting at 8:15. Students will then walk the course with their morning instructors. After that, students will be driving on skidpads in order to learn the feel of an oversteering and an understeering car. It is a lot of fun!! The day will proceed with students

AX School Event Chair Howard Yao & Family on the Red Carpet  at the 2013 GGR Awards Gala

running the Autocross course with their instructors, while half of the students learn to work the course.  


After the lunch break we continue to run cars in hour sessions until 5 PM. It is truly a fun day with lots of learning. One of the best parts is that students get a few rides in their instructor's car. We try as best we can, to have instructors that have had experience with cars similar to the students. You will also have different instructors in the morning and afternoon.


The school is sponsored by Joe and Annie Zeiph, the owners of Porboys German Automotive Service. They are located at 3640 East 9th ST. in Oakland. Joe and his technicians are experts in the repair of all German makes, but they specialize in the maintenance, repair, and complete rebuilds of 911, 944, 914, 928, 996, 997, and Boxster cars. If you have questions or need repairs, call Porboys at 510-437-9400. They do Smog Checks, excellent work on all German makes, and are highly recommended.


If you sign up and pay the $99 fee, you get:

  1.  Instruction from the best and most experienced instructors in the west!! (Really)
  2.  A lunch including Porboys sandwiches, chips, cookies, sodas and water.
  3.  A Porboys Autocross School T-shirt or hat.
  4.  A knowledge of how an Autocross is run, and how to work different jobs.
  5.  A basic knowledge of car control and you will learn great tips on how to handle your car.
  6. You will drive home with a big smile on your face!!!
If this sounds really good then click here to register.


If you don't already have one, you will need to create an account on the registration service (Motorsportsreg.com. There may be a slight wait while your new account is approved.) If you have questions email Howard Yao at howard@aberrance.com or John Seidell at johnseid@astound.net  We do limit the number of students to 55 so that there is plenty of driving time. Advance signup and payment is required. See you there!!




Track News


--by Tim Smith, Track Chair 



Here's the 2014 season, for your scheduling convenience:

GGR 2014 Track Season

Jun 21-22   Laguna Seca - DE  (following Porsche Parade)
Jul 12-13    Thunderhill - DE / TT (5 mile track!)
Sep 6-7      Thunderhill - DE / TT / CR (5 mile track!)
Oct 25-26   Sonoma - DE (w/ NASA)

For all you DEers and Club Racers, note that we will breaking in the new 5 mile track at Thunderhill at our July DE/TT and September DE/TT/ Club Race events!

We're also very excited to be hosting a DE at Laguna Seca in June following Porsche Parade in Monterey.

See you at the track!

- Tim

Tim Smith
PCA GGR Track Chair



The Power Chef

NE Bike --by John Celona


Ode to Cross-Training


As regular readers of this column know, I'm a total believer in cross-training. I started doing it not as part of some master plan, but just from following suggestions like: "You should stretch after you run." That was from Bob Christie, who got me into running and stretching back in the '70's when stretching at high school track practice consisted of a few perfunctory toe touches and maybe a quick hurdler's stretch of the hamstring.   


Since then, of course, stretching has become really big, done as part of a yoga routine for many people. You know something has become really big when teenagers are doing it. I'm very encouraged by seeing young people stretch, drink lots of water, and pick pod peas for snacks over potato chips. They get it!


But cross-training is a lot more than just stretching after your cardio workout (whichever flavor of that you prefer). Over time, as I added more activities and thought a bit about the total program they add up to, I mulled over a way to summarize the total picture. One day, "fitness pyramid" (versus the well-known food pyramid for diet) popped into my head and I did a quick search to see what different people meant by this.  


Turns out all the pyramids I saw were aimed at progressing training to competition in a particular activity (like the progress of endurance and speed training to run a 10K). That's not what I was after. I was looking for a program for lifelong fitness--regardless of whether one wanted to run a race or just be able to lift the kids or go on a hike without being debilitated by the experience.  


Finally, I organized my inventory of activities into my own fitness pyramid, which is shown below:



 Here's five parts of it:

  • Cardio: yup, this is the minimum 30 minutes of elevated pulse rate doing something at least three times a week. Absolute must-do for cardiovascular health, and great at burning off calories.
  • Stretching: it goes along with whatever else you're doing, and even by itself. I stretch briefly before every workout, and then at greater length immediately after you're done. That's when your muscles are all warmed up and you can stretch farther without tearing anything.
  • Strength training: there's all sorts of ways to do this, from bench presses to push-ups to resistance bands. The difference is that you're contracting muscles against resistance over the entire range of motion as opposed to the shorter amplitude / greater frequency in most cardio activities. I think of strength training as the contraction work for your muscles versus stretching, which extends them.  
  • Coordination & balance: this can be any activity which works on those. Some (like gymnastics or dancing) work on those while you're getting in some cardio and strengthening at the same time. Ball games also require a lot of coordination.  
  • Sharp mind: not included in most training regimes, but definitely part of the picture. I have a medical theory which is a sure-thing for a Nobel prize once we get some more experimental data: your brain is connected to your body! As a consequence, what you're able to do with one has a big impact on the other.   

 As you're probably thinking, any activity brings a blend of work in these five areas, just different emphasis. Running is big on cardio, but also requires some balance and coordination. Weight training obviously emphasizes strength, but can also include a cardio element if you're doing an intense leg routine and going from exercise to exercise.  


For me, I always avoided the balance and coordination stuff because, to put it mildly, I wasn't naturally "gifted" in these areas. Possibly, I have made some progress in this areas with having just completed my 14th (!) season of performing with the Foothill Repertory Dance Company (below).


Photo by Christopher Chan at http://www.photobythec.com


Driving on the track, as I found out, is also really good for balance, coordination, and sharp mind. You need to coordinate your actions to keep the car balanced, plus you're working on 3D visualization and memory and connecting that with coordination. Not much for cardio or strength training but, as professional drivers know, overall fitness is a great asset in a race and necessary for top performance.  


I think the real point of cross-training, though, is that it allows you to keep on doing the things you like to do as you get older. When I was racing triathlons, I remember how few of my colleagues really worked at stretching their legs and strengthening them in the gym. The thought was: we're already running and cycling. What more leg work could we need?


Turns out that many of them are no longer able to run at all due to knee issues. I feel very grateful to have been doing all those leg extensions and leg curls and stretching all those years, and that I am still able to run pain-free. Sure, I'm now slow enough that folks say they saw me out "power walking." Argh! I still cover an 11-12 mile loop once a week in addition to my shorter runs.


Likewise, a whole set of shoulder exercises (with very light weights!) keep me swimming, unlike some folks I know who've not been in a pool in years.  


Cross-training is like a complete diet: you need a variety of elements to balance it out and keep it healthy. I hope to be running, swimming, dancing, stretching, doing weights, and driving on the track for many years to come!  


Bon App�tit!

John Celona

The Power Chef 


The other day I was in the mood to watch a movie, but was also hungry! More hungry and a bowl of popcorn hungry. So I came up with this substantial and healthy movie snack that's almost a meal in itself. Also great at parties when you want and easy and hot appetizer! 


Fiesta Taco Dip  



The Gist
Carmelize onions in a pan, then add ground beef, salt, pepper, and a little New Mexico Chile powder. Layer in a bowl with warmed refried beans, salsa, grated cheese, green chiles, green onions, and black olives. Dip away with low-fat tortilla chips!

Ingredients for the beef:
2 yellow or white onions, chopped
2 Tb oil or saved bacon fat
1 lb. lean ground beef
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
2 tsp. New Mexico Chile poder

Everything else:
1-16 oz. can low fat refried beans
1 cup grated extra sharp cheddar cheese
1-15 oz. can fire roasted salsa (or other salsa)
1 bunch green onions, chopped
1-4 oz. can chopped green chiles
1-6 oz. can black olives, sliced
low fat tortilla chips

Heat the oil or bacon fat in a skillet. Cook over medium high heat until well browned. Add the beef and spices and toss briefly to just barely cook the beef (so it stays juicy). Shut off the burner and remove from heat.

Spread the beans in a layer in a large bowl. Microwave until very hot. Add half the cheddar on top of the beans, then the beef, then the rest of the cheddar. Spread the salsa on top, then top with the green onions, chiles, and black olives. Start the movie!

Costco sells what I consider a really good and very low fat tortilla chip that's crazy cheap: $7 for a 5 lb. bag. If they get a little stale before you finish them, you can just heat them for 5-10 minutes in a 250�F oven to crisp them up--or just toss the rest!



All My Stuff
Authors for Literacy Presentation (Part II)
Authors for Literacy Presentation
(Part II)

Here is the second part of my presentation at the Authors for Literacy fundraiser for the Martin Luther King Foundation. In addition to the intro and presentation, there's some fun footage at the end. Check it out for yucks.




Of course, both the cookbook and the science fiction novel are on Amazon, with all proceeds donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. I feel very grateful to have been successful enough in my career that I can indulge my "hobby" of writing and donate the proceeds to a very worthy cause.



Click me to Look Inside!

Note that the cookbook is available in both paperback and Kindle versions, while the novel is Kindle only
Click Me to Look Inside!

 Both books are also available in the iTunes Bookstore. Sorry, no hard copy yet for the novel. Email me if you're interested in one and I'll set that up.  


In addition, I have an author page on Amazon with more stuff there. Click the link below to take a look:




 You can also follow me on The Power Chef Cookbook Facebook page by clicking the link below.  


https://www.facebook.com/ThePowerChef?ref=stream � 


New recipes posted on the Facebook page! 




Motoring / Social Director's Report

--by Michael Griffin, Social Director

[opening paragraph]
The walls of the tunnel under Devil's Slide reverberated with the mighty roar of 28 GGR Porsches on the foggy morning of May 17. And what a sweet sound it was for the 42 drivers, wives & pals who participated in our fourth Fun Run of the year. We started the Drive in Pacifica, dove into the new tunnel, on down highway One to San Gregorio, and headed east up into the famous twisties of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Here it is, looking down the Devil's throat, where we performed our Sound Check with windows open and RPMs set to high. And the earth shook...!

Our fleet of P-cars, lined-up at the pit stop in San Gregorio. There were some very nice looking representatives of the marque in this group, and they demanded a lot of close inspection by our drivers.

Drivers were burning-up their iPhones, taking pictures like crazy. Sorry there, Kodak. Here is just one of a bazillion shots of enthusiastic participants: left to right, J.J. Lara and friend Betty Lem, Jim Medeiros and friend Lori Kraus and GGR Social Cmte. luminary Alice Yeh.

Final destination was the San Mateo Mounted Patrol HQ in Woodside, where we enjoyed our box lunch picnic overlooking their rodeo arena. This is a marvelous site and was a big hit with everyone for the 2nd year in a row. Despite any looks to the contrary, we all were having a great time. Really.

Here are all of our 28 cars parked under a grove of magnificent oak trees, making for yet another viewing opportunity. Warm weather, blue skies, good buds to talk to, hey, this is the life! We'll have to do it all over again next year...
Thanks to all our photographers for submitting their pix: Tim Chan, JJ Lara, Thom Ruben, David Salguero, Don Chan, Alice Yeh, Sukesh Mohan, Regis Vincent, Alex Geranios, Gil Bouzeid, Zack Casper, Mary Watanabe.


Monterey Parade Info!

Registration is opens April 1! Click below to register! (You will need to log in to the PCA web site:





Monterey is the site of our 59th Porsche Parade, to be held this June 15 through 21, 2014. This is PCA's annual extravaganza of competitive and social events. Only minutes away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we'll be treated to drives on the famous Pacific Coastal Highway, to some of California's legendary vineyards, and through the hills and valleys of northern California. Of course, Parade has a long history of friendly competition and that will continue this year with the always challenging Concours d'Elegance, TSD rally, autocross, and the tech-quiz.




Registration will open on April 1st (new date!), and there will be a link to register on pca.org and parade2014.pca.org. This Parade will be very popular, but we will accept ALL entries. We can accommodate all entrants for each of the banquets and all competitive events, as well as most activities. Tours on some days will sell out, however.


Upon checking out of Parade registration, you will receive an email with the link to our host hotels and discount codes. We have blocked rooms at five area hotels, and we do expect hotel rooms to fill up quickly.




If you have questions regarding Parade, please consult the Parade website at Parade2014.pca.org. If you are unable to find your answer there, email Kathleen Behrens, Parade Registrar at registrar@pcaparade.org or call  503.579.3423  (please leave a message).




Rally School & Rally June 1

Niello Zone 7 Concours June 8

Concours in Paradise July 13

Werks Reunion Monterey August 15


Hope there was enough to read this month! See you next month...

As always, thanks for reading.
John Celona
Porsche Club of America-Golden Gate Region