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July 2014. Volume 54, Issue 6
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The Carlsen Concours
President's Message
Letter from the Editor
Membership Report
Board of Directors
Autocross News
Track News
The Power Chef
Niello Zone 7 Concours June 8
Redwood Region Autocross
Concours in Paradies July 13
Werks Reunion Monterey August 15
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CoCo's thoughts are on her summer vacation. Too hot for her in Hawaii with her ever-appropriate full length black mink coat, so she's lei-ing around a bit at home!

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The Carlsen Concours    


President's Message   
Richard French --by Richard French, GGR President

Over 200 members of the Golden Gate Region were at Porsche Parade in Monterey in June. We had the largest regional representation. It was also the largest Parade in its 59 year history with over 2500 people and nearly 1300 cars.

Along with the competitive events there were fun driving events, an art show, kids events and several banquets. Below is a list of most of the results that included members from our region.

Congratulations to everyone that competed!


The Golden Gate Region held a very successful 2 day DE at the end of Parade at Laguna Seca. This event also had a record turnout with PCA members from all over the country participating. We had 42 students and 175 cars on Saturday and 140 cars on Sunday. Our track volunteers led by Tim Smith received accolades on their stellar management of the track experience, in particular drivers complemented the team on, their hospitality, grid management, instruction, and overall professionalism.


At the end of June we will also be hosting an Autocross and Autocross School at the Alameda Naval Air Station. The one day Autocross school is always successful and sold out quickly. If you'd like to attend next year please sign up quickly.


And by the way, we have a new website - Check it out at http://www.pca-ggr.org. We have a lot more to add so keep coming back as we continue to improve the experience.


Parade Results from the Golden Gate Region Parade 2014 5k run
Entrants Class Rank
Michael & Madeline QuinnFather/Daughter team1

Technical and Historical Quiz
Entrant Class Rank
Terry Zacconeearly 911/930/912 to 19773
Dennis Wintermid 911/930 1978-19899
Michael Quinnmid 911/930 1978-198912
Ted Lawson911(964 & 993)5
Monty Pack911 (996 & 997)2
Andrew Blyholder9142
Sharon NeidelCayenne/Panamera1

Regional T-shirt competition
Entrant Description Rank
Jim McClellandEndless Summer - Search for the Perfect Lap1

R/C Car track-race & Concours
Entrant Class Rank
Kevin WebsterR/C Concours1
Christian MaliAge 93
Catherine MaliAge 9M
Morgan MaliAge 11/12M
Kevin WebsterOver 183

TSD Rally
Entrant Class Rank
Larry & Greg AdamsR03-unequipped Nav6
Don & Robyn HomeR03-unequipped Nav13
Grace & Michael GriffinR03-unequipped Nav33
James & Celina KochR03-unequipped Nav47
Laura Hull & Joel SacksR03-unequipped Nav50
Michael & Madeline QuinnR05-unequipped Nav3
Bartz & Bernadette SchneiderR05-unequipped Nav4
Kirk & Carolyn DoberenzR05-unequipped Nav13
Joe & Steve MinorR05-unequipped Nav26
Orin & James CreechR05-unequipped Nav33
Roger Pujol & Aline BoucherR05-unequipped Nav40
Eddie Wong & William LeeR05-unequipped Nav48
Kurt & Cameron HammillR05-unequipped Nav62

Gimmick Rally
Entrant Class Points
John & Jackie SeidellOverall 2 people32
Kirk & Carolyn DoberenzOverall 2 people18
John & Jackie SeidellInland 2 people18
Christie & Jim BacchusInland 2 people11
Kirk & Carolyn DoberenzInland 2 people9
John & Jackie SeidellCoastal 2 people14
Kirk & Carolyn DoberenzCoastal 2 people9
Kenneth & Linda MackCoastal 2 people7.5
Vincent & Vivian Tang & Anissa ToCoastal 2 plus14

Art show
Entrant Class Rank
Teresa Niedel-McKeepainting-amateur1
Teresa Niedel-McKeepainting-amateurHM
Kurt Hammillpainting-professional1
Gerry Brownclassic photography-amateur3
Cameron Hammillenhanced photography - amateur2
Cameron Hammillenhanced photography - amateur3
Shirley Neidelfiber art - amateur - group 23
Shirley Neidelfiber art - amateur - group 2HM
Angela Lingcrafts - amateurHM
Alana McKeechildren3
Erika McKeechildrenHM
Shirley NeidelPorsche family art award 

Class Time Overall Entrant Position in Class
M05M0:37.301stSteve Lau1
P12M0:37.523rdMonty Pack1
I05M0:37.684thScott Fraser1
I05M0:37.825thRob Boynton2
M05M0:38.469thPeter von Behrens3
P11M0:39.84 Ed Hunter1
I05M0:39.96 David Grieshaber6
P11M0:40.71 Magnus Back2
P04M0:40.86 Trevor Ridgley1
P08M0:41.04 David Mcguigan1
I05M0:41.10 Patrick Kuhn10
P05M0:41.42 Terry Zaccone1
S09M0:42.19 Greg Adams2
I05L0:43.35 Sayuri Grieshaber3
I02M0:43.53 Joe Lee2
S09M0:43.61 John Moffitt5
P08M0:44.16 Michael Dennis3
P11M0:44.24 Eddie Wong7
S09M0:44.77 Johnny Moffitt7
S09M0:44.89 Larry Adams9
S05M0:45.38 Andrew Mayhew10
S02M0:45.82 John Seidell1
P02M0:46.16 Andrew Blyholder1
I04M0:46.17 Douglas MacKenzie9
P05L0:46.26 Judy Zaccone1
S05L0:46.90 Jessica Toney1
S11L0:48.37 Sharon Neidel2
P08M0:48.41 Clifford Cada8
S08M0:48.47 Jim Bacchus7
P04M0:48.85 Robert Lee4
S08L0:50.54 Christie Bacchus3
S03L0:52.22 Karen Mali3
P14M0:53.26 Bruce Johnson5
P04M0:57.87 William Lee5
S07M  Joel Sacks12
S07L  Laura Hull1
P14L  Terrie Johnson2

Concours Group - Preparation
Class PP06F - Full 996/997 Model Years 1999 - 2012
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score Group Rank
1251AHossein Rahnema 2004 996 GT3298.92

Group - Preparation
Class PP08F- Full 924/944/928/968 Model Years 1977 - 1995
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score Group Rank
11233AAndy Tzelepis 1980 924292.76

Group - Preparation
Class PP05T - Touring 964/993 Model Years 1989 - 1998
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
31126AAndy ChanJohnny Calvert1997 911 Carrera 2231.4

Group - Preparation
Class PP06T - Touring 996/997 Model Years 1999 - 2012
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
4438AJohn DangeloHonore Kennedy2009 997 4S232.8

Group - Preparation
Class PP05S - Street 964/993 Model Years 1989 - 1998
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
6991AKirk DoberenzCarolyn Doberenz1992964131.3
101235BVincent TangLawrence Tang1998 C2S123.1

Group - Preparation
Class PP06S - Street 996/997 Model Years 1999 - 2012
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
6203ARichard SkalskiNarrisa Dotson Lindo2012 911 GTS139

Group - Preparation
Class PP08S - Street 924/944/928/968 Model Years 1977 - 1995
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
11184AMark WoudsmaUrsula Woudsma1981 928139.1

Group - Preparation
Class PP09S - Street Boxster/Cayman Model Years 1997 - 2012
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
4143AGeorge GrialouCarol Grialou2003 Boxster S139.1

Group - Preparation
Class PP12S - Street Limited Production
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
2905AJim MaliKaren Mali2005 Carrera GT136.2

Group - Restoration
Class RS03F - Full 911/912 Model Years 1965 - 1973
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score Level of Achievement
41059ARick BerberichJames Berberich1968 911295.7Zuffenhausen

Group - Restoration
Class RS04F- Full 911/912 Model Years 1974 - 1989
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score Group Rank Level of Achievement
1872AJoseph DeMeoHef Fonseca1986 911 Turbo2991Gmund

Group - Preservation
Class PS02F - Full 914
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche
1587ASteve LefczikTracey Lefczik1974 914 LE

Group - Preservation
Class PS04F- Full 911/912 Model Years 1974 - 1989
Rank Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche
6798AArthur Woo 1974 911 Carrera

Restoration Group Level of Achievement Awards
Weissach (bronze) - 292 points to less than 295 points, based on raw scores
Zuffenhausen (silver) - 295 points to less than 298 points, based on raw scores
Gmund (gold) - 298 points and above
  Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche Score
WEISSACH1059ARick BerberichJames Berberich1968 911295.7
GMUND872AJoseph DeMeoHef Fonseca1986 911 Turbo299
Restoration Group Award
Entry Entrant Co-Entrant Porsche
872AJoseph DeMeoHef Fonseca1986 911 Turbo


kahlers 3

Letter from the Editor  
Alameida big
--by John Celona, Nugget Editor

Parade Photos

In case you missed it, here's some photos from the Monterey Porsche Parade by SingleLens.net photographer Rich Tsai. Click on the photo for more.

No Nugget Next Month!

The Board will be taking the month of July off, and so will I! See you back in September!

Self-Service on Email Addresses, Please!

Every month I get a few or sometimes many emails from readers about updating their email addresses. First, thanks for wanting to stay in touch! Second, there is no staff here! There's only CoCo and I doing this each month, and there are over 3,000 folks subscribing to The Nugget.

Accordingly, to send The Nugget to any email address you like or to unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any issue of The Nugget. There's one option at the bottom that says:

These should be able to take care of you.

My apologies at the folks who get irritated with their change requests via reply emails not getting handled. I would cuss out the staff--but I don't have any! 


Thanks for reading.   


Membership Report

--by Capt. Mike Sherman, Membership Director


GGR Regional Summary

May 2014 




Primary Members    1,694

Affiliate Members     1,037              

Life Members                  7  

                                               Total Members         2,708

New/Transferred Members --total: 56 including Affiliate/Family


Porsche Parade 2014: By the time you get this, it'll probably be all over. Those who came will be exclaiming the beauty of the Monterey/Carmel area. Those who missed it will be forlorn and wishing that it would come again. But since we live in this fabulous area, we can revisit these exquisite sites over and over. Fabulous restaurants, great vistas, lovely beaches, great shopping, and wonderful B&Bs. OK, sometimes foggy - but remember that 35% of the water needed by the Sequoias (Redwoods) comes from the fog. We hope you enjoyed yourselves!


PCA Website: If you haven't seen the new website that PCA has launched, go take a look:  www.pca.org.  Very nice and quite functional...when you do get there, remember that they require you input a new password...and yes, I got caught in that trap as well. The new website lets us at our local level manage and organize our member data real time. We encourage you to keep familiarizing yourself with the site, and if you run into any problems, please report them to admin@pca.org.



Badges: Member badges will be provided free to all those members/affiliates who RSVP and attend "new member" social events. Otherwise, member badges are available for a small fee through Spotlight Impressions in San Mateo. The badges feature the GGR logo, your name and a convenient magnetic clasp. The cost is $12.00 for the badge plus shipping.   To order your badges fill out the form on our website at http://www.pca-ggr.org/membership/badges and email back to Spotlight Impressions at sales@spotlightimpressions.com.











Logo-wear: The GGR Webstore is online and ready. Locate it on the PCA website at www.pcawebstore.com/GOLDEN%20GATE. Just log in to create an account and get shopping.


Remember - Every club benefits from new ideas, new enthusiasm and new approaches. We're always looking for help in that department as well as volunteers. Send us your ideas - email, survey input, etc. - we'll look at them all.


Make sure you take the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/85KY3PS . 


Thanks to our membership we had a record 184 renewals over the past month.  


Cheers and all the best, Capt. Mike



Welcome to Our 56 New/Transferred May Members!


Susan Blanco                                                   2012 911 S Black

Amir Bonakdar                                                 2000 911/996 Green

Edward Brown                                                 1987 911 Silver

Fabrice Centeno & Christian Yavorsky            2006 911 Silver

YC Cheng & Sheron Li                                    1963 356B T6

Yoeman Fong & Garrett                                   2006 Cayman White

Mathew & Christina Marie Freiheit                   2004 911 type 9 Gray

Ted Jackson                                                     2010 Cayman White

Xin Jin (CCC)                                                   2001 911 Turbo Silver

Richard Jones                                                  2004 Cayenne S Tan

Clennita Justice & Robert Bogle                      2006 911 Silver

James Klima                                                    2004 Carrera 91 Silver

Lloyd Leonard & Laura Reed (CCC)               1982 911SC White

Robert & Lora Loggie (CCC)                           2001 Carrera C4 Silver

Michael Lucek                                                 1996 993 Black

Ken Martin                                                       2011 GT3 Blue

Eric & M McLeod                                             2014 911 TTS Silver

Brian Mintun                                                    2005 997.1 Red

Patrick & Robert Mueller                                 2002 Boxster Gray

Colm & Bernadette Murphy                            2002 911 C4 Blue

Ronan O'Mahony & Blake Joerger                 2009 911 Blue

James & Kathy Paver                                    1985 Carrera Red

Phuong Quang & Anthony Yin                       2014 Cayman S White

Adam Reak (CAI)                                          1975 911S Red

Devan Rosdahl                                               2007 911 4S Silver

Thomas & Bev Schatzel (CAS)                      1978 930 White

Mark Solle & Susan Cook                               2005 911

Ronald Swenson                                             2010 GT3 Red

Tye Tolentino,                                                  2007 GT3 Silver

Scott Williams & Tei Baishiki                           2011 911 TurboS Black

Dave Wu                                                         2001 Boxster S Silver

Todd & Monique Armstrong    (SDO)             1979 911 SC

1986 944 Turbo

1979 911 SC  

Asim Khan (DIA)                                            1985 911 Carrera

Richard Park & Jennie Best (LVS)                 1987 911 Carrera Purple

1987 911 Carrera Black

2009 Cayenne Gray

1970 914-6 Orange

1984 911 Carrera Red

Roger Pujol (RED)                                          1972 911 Silver

Diron Scot, (DIA)                                             1996 Porsche Black

1997 Carrera Silver

Tom Unthank & Howard Whitney (SDO)          1986 911 Carrera


Congratulations to our June 2014 Anniversary Members!


The GGR Board would like to thank you for your commitment to PCA and to the Golden Gate Region on this anniversary of your PCA membership. You are among the 2,600+ GGR members from more than 15 countries and represent the bedrock of this organization. Committed members such as you continue to make us one of the largest and most recognized regions in the PCA world. We are proud to have you as members and thank you again for your commitment to GGR. We look forward to mingling/racing with you in the years to come.


45 Years - 1969

John Graham                                                 1964 356

Charles Petersen                                           1996 911 Carrera


35 Years -1979

Rodney Rapson                                              1992 968

Jeff Sellman                                                    1998 Boxster


30 Years - 1984

Ross Merrill


25 Years - 1989

Art Margolis


20 Years - 1994

JosephBerube                                                1985 911 Turbo

Richard Conway                                             1974 911

David Croom                                                   1958 356

Conrad Hauser                                                1982 911 SC

Ross Merrill               

James Ohl                                                       1997 Boxster

Roger Sheridan                                               1970 914-6

Larry Williams                                                  1989 911 Carrera


15 Years - 1999

Brian Fukumoto                                              1999 Boxster  

ClaudeLeglise                                                 2007 911 GT3 Carrera White

Angela Ling                                                     2003 Boxster S           

David Modderman                                          1983 944        

Hoss Rahnema                                               1995 968        

Steven Watson                                                1957 356 Black          


10 Years - 2004

Antonio Dias                                                    2010 911 Carrera S White

Douglas Rimer                                                 2004 911 Carrera       


5 Years - 2009

Robert Broome                                                2002 Boxster S Blue

Anawat Chankhunthod                                    2001 911 Carrera Silver

Elizabeth Ellis                                                                                    

Dan Lebedowicz                                             2008 911 Carrera Black

Garth Norton                                                   2004 911 Carrera       

StevenOliphant                                               2003 Boxster S Gray

Gary Satterfield                                               2007 Cayman S Black

Kim Schoknecht                                              2002 911 Turbo White

Peter Wert                                                       1999 911 Carrera Blue

James Yawn                                                                           


European Autotech
Please note new web site: europeanautotechsr.com
Board of Directors

GGR Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2014  


--by Bill Benz, Secretary 


Call to Order

President French called the meeting to order on June 25, 2014 at 6 45 p.m. at the home of Social Chair, Michael Griffin.

The following officers were present: President Richard French, Vice President Paul Larson, Treasurer Larry Adams, Social Chair Michael Griffin, Autocross Chair Andrew Blyholder, Webmaster Andrew Forrest and Secretary Bill Benz.  Membership Chair  Mike Sherman and Track Event Chair Tim Smith were not  present but  had sent detailed reports to the Board through the President.  The Nugget Editor was not present.

Agenda Changes - None.
Calendar Changes - None.

Postmortem of Past Events

May 24, 2014 autocross at Alameda:  Good event,  drivers got 7 runs each.
June 14, 2014 Boxster Brunch:  Attendance was down a bit  because of upcoming Parade which meant that attendees had a great time with room to stretch out.
June 21/22, 2014 Drivers' Ed at Laguna Seca:  Coming right after Parade in Monterey, this event was a REALLY BIG DEAL.  175 drivers from across the country drove on Saturday and a similar number on Sunday.  42 students took training. The Board thanks the Track Event Chair, the Chef Driving Instructor and the many welcoming GGR members who worked at this even to make it as special as it turned out to be.

Directors' Reports
President -     Attended Parade which was  very well received. Representatives from PCA Zone 8  and 9 regions want to discuss  some multi-region events next year..

Vice President - Insurance  certificates are in place for:
All remaining Alameda autocrosses (June 28-9, July 19, October 18 and November 15, 2014).
Insurance has been ordered for:
July 12-13  Drivers' Ed/Club Race at Thunderhill.

Treasurer - The Treasurer's report  was delivered and accepted.

Secretary -  Minutes of the April meeting were presented and approved.

Social - The Social Director is still looking into a tour to the 49's new Levis stadium, However, costs may be very high.  A party at Sparky's was suggested as a replacement.

Membership -  .  A list of new members was presented and approved.

Autocross Cochairs. - Ten new radios have been purchased.

Topic for Discussion.
Board Meetings.  The July 20 meeting is cancelled, The next Board meetings will be held on August 10, 2014 at 1:00 pm, September 17 at 6:00 pm and October 22 at 6:00 pm.

Annual Meeting:  The President will designate one of the upcoming Board Meetings to serve as the Annual Meeting of the Membership.

Awards Dinner:  The Board suggested that the Annual Awards Banquet and the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner be combined into a single event.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Autocross News


--by Andrew Blyholder, Autocross Co-chair  


 The 2014 PCA Parade Autocross: Best Autocross Day Ever? 


 The Parade Autocross was broken into a two day event, with the Showroom Stock and Production classes running on Wednesday, and the generally quicker, Improved and Modified class running on Thursday. The showdown for Top Time of Day naturally occurred on Thursday and it was a spectacular, nail-biting drama right down to the last few runs of the day. And the players were almost all Bay Area locals: 9 of the top ten times were set by GGR, LPR, or Diablo members. That single, non-bay-area driver - he was 10th place. Even better, 4 of the top five were GGR members.


The Marina Autocross site from the air

What made it such a spectacular show was the diversity of machinery slugging it out:


2011 911 GT3 RS       Production 12 class (P12)       Monty Pack (GGR)

2011 911 GT3 RS       Improved 5 class (I05)            Jeff Barstow (Pacific Northwest)

2002 911 GT2             Improved 5 class (I05)            Rob Boynton (GGR)

                                                                                   Scott Fraiser (GGR)

                                                                                   Teresa Neidel-Mckee (Diablo)

2006 Cayman S           Modified 5 class (M5)            Steve Lau (GGR)

                                                                                    Peter Von Behrens (GGR)

1970 911                     Modified 5 class (M5)              Dave Dunwoodie (LRP)

1973 914-6                  Modified 4 class (M4)              Mike Koozmin (GGR)

1972 914-4                  Modified 2 class (M2)              Bill Charron (LPR)


These ten drivers and cars were separated by just 1.3 seconds. Any of them had a legitimate shot at the top time. But the machinery represents five different models, both mid and rear engines, both DOT tires and race tires, engine sizes from 2.4 liters to 3.8, original factory-supplied engines and engine swaps, factory street-tuned motors to full race prepared, and a forty-one year spread in age!


Monty Pack set up the drama, running in the penultimate run group. His best run of 37.52 looked very fast. But he's only in the Production classes. Surely that won't stand. All the zoomy Improved and Modified class cars had yet to run in the last run group. Surely the final run group would easily eclipse him.


The day had been clear and warm. Very pleasant by Marina standards. But as the last run group is gridding up, the typical Marina coastal fog bank was starting to push back inland, and the cold wind that comes with it was rising. A cooling track might work in Monty's favor.


The first runs were slow, but that's to be expected. These are all experienced drivers, multiple SCCA national championships among them, so they're no slouches at memorizing courses in the course walk. None of these drivers take "exploratory" runs. They're pushing hard from the very first turn. But they're starting out on cold tires, cold brakes. More speed will come.


Hans-Peter Porsche attended, graciously signing autographs, and race cars in Mike Koozmin's case
Second runs. Better, but still not down into Monty's territory. Maybe Monty's still got a shot at it. Between runs, most of the drivers are wrapping their tires with insulating blankets, desperately trying to hold the heat in their tires. The fog and wind are working for Monty now. In the three driver Boynton car, much discussion of shock and sway bar adjustments. Not everyone wants the same tuning. Steve Lau is also under his car, rushing to adjust sway bar links.


Steve Lau adjusting the rear sway bar
 Third runs. Closer, but Monty still stands. Is this gonna happen? Can a P12 class car really take the Parade Top Time of Day? More frantic shock and sway bar adjustments on grid. Lots of calming breaths. Eyes closed visualization, head swaying back and forth as the turns wind by the mind's eye. They all want it. They all want it bad. Monty knows it shouldn't happen, but how can he not start thinking it might?


Ann Roth and Rob Boynton keeping the unofficial results
Keeping the tires warm

Steve Lau and Mike Koozmin are the closest and seem to have the best shot at topping Monty.   Both have been focused on this moment since last June. There isn't much to improve in a 915-6 race cars, so Mike's been concentrating on his driving, leaving early from our typical 7 to 10 run autocrosses, concentrating on wringing every once of speed from his car in just the 4 runs allowed at Parade.


Steve, on the other hand, has been busy building what the marketing department at Porsche won't let them actually build: a Cayman with a serious motor, swapping the Cayman's 3.4 liter engine for a 3.8 liter 911 motor, and gaining about 100 hp. in the process. However, this pushed the Cayman into the modified classes, and what Steve hadn't realized until the week before Parade, was that a roll bar is required in all Modified class cars. So he was up until 2 am the morning of the event finishing up that last detail. In the world of Parade autocross, there's no chance of your competitors not protesting you for missing a required safety item.


Last runs, last chance. But one by one, all the contenders were coming up short! Barstow's more modified GT2 RS - 1.1 sec. too slow. Peter von Behrens, warming the tires in Steve's car - 0.9 sec. too slow. Teresra Neidel-McKee, first of the Boynton GT2 co-drivers - 0.8 sec. too slow. Bill Charron's 914-4 - 0.6 sec. too slow. Rob Boynton finally breaks into the 37's, but still 0.3 sec. too slow. Rob's second hired gun, Scott Fraiser, bests Rob but is still 0.16 too slow.


The suspense was killing us! Could anyone match Monty? The edge of the course was lined with drivers, wait to see if Monty's time would fall.


Mike took his final run. Looks smooth, no cones as he flashes across the finish timer, we all hold our breath that fraction of a second for the timing display to flash the time - 37.36! 0.16 seconds faster, he'd done it! Celebration erupts.



Mike crosses the line...
...to gain Top Time of Day! But wait...
Steve hasn't run yet.




Steve crosses the line...
...and that's it: Top Time of Day at the Parade Autocross!
Across the line - 37.30! Steve Lau takes Top Time of Day in the Cayman S! A passing of the guard happens just that fast. The 914 isn't the only mid-engine chassis for a awesome hotrod anymore.

The victory photo shoot for Steve and Mike.


Andrew Blyholder




Here's the schedule for the rest of the year: 

  • July 19th, Saturday, Alameda
  • August 16th, Saturday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Sunday, Aug. 17th)
  • September 21st, Sunday, Marina, Zone Event (LPR hosts on Saturday, Sept. 20th)
  • October 18th, Saturday, Alameda
  • November 15th, Saturday, Alameda




Track News


--by Tim Smith, Track Chair 



Here's the 2014 season, for your scheduling convenience:

GGR 2014 Track Season

Jul 12-13    Thunderhill - DE / TT (5 mile track!)
Sep 6-7      Thunderhill - DE / TT / CR (5 mile track!)
Oct 25-26   Sonoma - DE (w/ NASA)

For all you DEers and Club Racers, note that we will breaking in the new 5 mile track at Thunderhill at our July DE/TT and September DE/TT/ Club Race events!

See you at the track!

- Tim

Tim Smith
PCA GGR Track Chair



The Power Chef

NE Bike --by John Celona


That Day Job! 


The good news is I've been really busy at work: great for the tire fund! But here I am finishing The Nugget on July 1 as the sun goes down--got to get it out! Will skip the column but, even though I'm busy, I still have to eat! Here's something I came up with making to de-stress one evening.



Bon App�tit!

John Celona

The Power Chef  


I was in the mood for some "pork'n'beans"--but most definitely not the usual canned variety. Something more out-of-this-worldly delicious. Here's the result! Takes some time to make, but so good and healthy too!  


Haricots Charcuterie   



The Gist
Bacon is crisped, Italian sausages are browned in the drippings, then onions are caramelized in the same. Add marinated grilled pork sirloin and a mix of navy beans and sliced Yukon gold potatoes simmered in chicken broth, white wine, garlic, parsley, tarragon, and time. Finish with fresh green beans and quartered artichoke hearts.

Ingredients for the pork sirloin:
3 lbs. pork sirloin steaks, boneless
1 Tb salt
1 Tb granulated garlic
1 Tb granulated onion
2 Tb fresh ground black pepper

Ingredients for the beans:
2 lbs. dry navy beans
3 Tb chicken stock base
8 cloves fresh garlic, mashed
4 Tb fresh parsley, minced
2 Tb fresh thyme, minced
2 Tb fresh tarragon, minced
1 750ml bottle dry white wine
3 Yukon gold potatoes, thinly sliced

Everything else:
1 lb bacon
4 yellow onions, thinly sliced
3 lbs. Italian sausages (sweet or hot)
2 lbs. fresh green beans
2 14 oz. cans quartered artichoke hearts


If you have time, start the navy beans to soak in water in the morning. Otherwise, just rinse and start.

Mix together the spice ingredients for the pork then rub thoroughly into the steaks. Set aside while you start the beans.

Drain the beans if you soaked them. Otherwise, rinse them thoroughly. Combine in a stock pot with all the other beans ingredients and bring to simmer. Add more water if you've not soaked the beans. They'll need to simmer about an hour.

Grill the pork sirloin steaks, then set aside to cool.

Cook the bacon till very crisp in a pot large enough to eventually hold everything. Remove the bacon and drain off the excess fat. Leave about 4 Tb of fat in the pan. Brown the Italian sausages in the same pot, then remove them. Cook the onions in the same pot until thoroughly browned and caramelized.

While the onions are cooking, cut the pork steaks into bite size pieces.

When the beans are tender, add the bacon and sausages back to the big pot, then add the beans and potato mixture. Simmer 10-15 minutes more.

Add the green beans, bring back to a simmer, then shut off the heat. Add the artichoke hearts, then serve.

Great with a crusty whole wheat bread to dip in the broth.



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Authors for Literacy Presentation (Part II)
Authors for Literacy Presentation
(Part II)

Here is the second part of my presentation at the Authors for Literacy fundraiser for the Martin Luther King Foundation. In addition to the intro and presentation, there's some fun footage at the end. Check it out for yucks.




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