Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
The Nugget
Golden Gate Region Porsche Club of America
December 2014, Volume 54, Issue 10
Carlsen Porsche
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Hope you are enjoying the new Nugget. I've been busy growing my coat out to stay warm as the nights get chillier. Saves me the bother of wearing a wrap.

My humans have been busy putting up their Christmas tree. I look forward to exploring it and playing with all the wonderful shiny cat toys they decorate it with!

Happy Holidays!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor

President's Message
Richard French
--by Richard French, GGR President

While relaxing after Thanksgiving turkey, I began to think about all that has happened this year within the Golden Gate region and how busy a year we've had. ...More�



Membership Report


--by Capt. USN Ret. Mike Sherman, Membership Director  


GGR Regional Summary - November 2014 


Contribute to PCA Growth! Recently I sent out a note to all GGRers asking them to renew efforts to sign up new members for GGR.  We must be doing our share since a note from the PCA tells us that membership across the[...]...More�



Autocross News

--by Andrew Blyholder, AX Director

GGR AX9: Season Finale!    



The PCA Golden Gate Region Carlsen Porsche 2014 autocross season is officially over and winter is finally here, though you wouldn't know it judging by the weather at the Alameda Naval Air Base during AX #9 last weekend. The last event of the season is now behind us and in true[...]...More�



Social & Tour News
Motoring / Social Report

--by Michael Griffin, Social & Motoring Director 


Big Turn-out for Nov. 8th Canepa Run


--Photos by Rick Dahlman

Fifty Golden Gate drivers and passengers gathered on a beautiful fall day in Cupertino, to take back roads and a twisty Hiway 9, over the hill and down to Scotts Valley. Our objective was a visit to Canepa Design,[...]...More�

Board Minutes
November 19, 2014    


--by Bill Benz, Secretary, Past President, Lifetime Member, and Lots of Other Stuff  


Call to Order President French called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. at the home of the Social Director in Palo Alto. The entire Board was present except for the Vice President who furnished a written report and the Track Chair whose series is now completed. Agenda Changes - None.[...]...More�


Track News

--by Tim Smith, Track Director

Hello track enthusiasts.  We've just finished a very successful 2014 season and are now looking forward to 2015. Hope you all enjoyed this year, highlighted by Driver Ed (DE) and Club Race (CR) events at the new 5 miles of Thunderhill, Buttonwillow, Porsche Parade at Laguna Seca, and PCA GGR's[...]...More�

News Nuggets

Google & Porsche Secretly Develop a Driverless Porsche

Our covert investigative staff is tracking the rumor that Google and Porsche have formed a partnership to develop the next generation of Porsche. Plans are in the works to create and test self driving Porsches for street and track use. Due to the recent application of advanced vehicle management electronics,[...]...More�



Porsche Pets Rule!

Sasha says "Hi!" 

She is obviously ready to go! Where's that darned human?? 



Happy Holidays! With no club events scheduled for December, we'll be back in February to report on all the January events!

CoCo Giselle
Executive Editor